November 27, 2018




Hermana Agular/ Hermana Padgett


Hello! This week was amazing! Thanksgiving was by far the best day in the CCM. Pres. Hansen and Hermana Hansen made it a special day for us nortes. They were in the kitchen helping made rolls, turkey, stuffing, potatoes, gravy, the whole deal!! The food tasted like home for sure. It was super fun to explain this holiday to the latinos because they had no clue what was going on. And none of them liked the stuffing which I thought was funny cuz that is the best part of thanksgiving!! We even had cranberry sauce for the turkey!!

Another blessing on Thanksgiving was Elder Uchdorf spoke at the MTC in Provo so we got to tune in for it. :) He spoke on being grateful and it really made me feel like I was close to home since it was broad cast live from provo!!

My favorite quote was Gratitude gives us wings. As we are more grateful and have an attitude of gratitude we will FLY over our trials and problems into a life of happiness.

This was super helpful for me this week as it sunk in I have been gone for 1 month already!! I am so greatful for the opportunity to be here, to serve the Lord and be his tool to harvest those in ur Uruguay.

Im so grateful for my companions, they really are so wonderful and they motivate me to be better everyday and become the missionary I want to be! Im especially grateful for my savior Jesus Christ, with out him my life would be so different and so unhappy. Im so grateful for this gospel!
We had a great devotional this week on language, found in James 3. I had no idea that what we say is so important, what we say reflects our hearts. I would encourage you to read this chapter and think about how your language with others can improve:)
It was really eye opening to me because as an embassador of the Lord I need to always be aware of what I am speaking to others. :)

Another great quote from one of the devotionals on Sunday was ¨Cuando casi sea obediente casi recibria la bendicion.¨ Which means when we almost obey we almost recieve blesings.... This really taught me that obedience is key to success. In everything not just in missionary work.

As I prepare to leave the CCM in 2 weeks I want to make sure that I am prepared spiritually to obey the Lord perfectly. This is His work and His time, not mine. I know that as we obey the Lord with perfect obedience we will recieve PERFECT blessings. This is a promise irreversibly decreed in heaven, I believe D&C 130 talks aobut that.

I have seen the blessings of obedience in my mission already, through studying spanish, when I am consistant with my speaking then I improve, but if I am lazy then I struggle to speak spanish! :)

God wants us to succeed in this life, we just need to obey!!

The weather here is cold or mild warm, it rains like 1 or more times a week too! Bogota is known to be like this! So Uruguay is going to be HOT!

There are no bugs here because we are in the middle of the city so that has been really nice ;)

All my clothes are great! I brought the perfect amount and types! :)

I Love the onguard and lavender, I put both on everynight and I think I have avoided sickness with onguard. There has been a cold going around and I have avoided it!! YAY.

One thing I wish I brought was my YW medallion, cuz all the latinas wear them and its awesome!

Spanish is complicated and difficult to understand sometimes, ask Dad, but i feel the gift of tounges so much. I feel like my learning is accelerated because I could not learn as fast as I am right now!!

Yo se que la igesia de Jesucristo es la verdad. Yo testifico que nuestro padre celestial es amoroso. Te amo ustedes mucho!!
Tienen un buen semana!!!

Love Hermana Anderson :)

Love you guys! Crazy that I get to face time you all in 1 month!!!

I need to talk to Her Hansen about the contact boxes because I cant send pictures today because of the weak internet :( Ill tell her and see if she can send them to you!!

She also took pics of our Thanksgiving so I hope she sent them you.


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