November 13, 2018




Hermana Agular/ Hermana Padgett


Family & Friends,

This week flew by!!! It felt like i was emailing you all yesterday. I have felt your prayers so much, the language is getting a lot better and I am adjusting here. My district is so awesome they are all North Americans and are so funny, two sets of elders and me and my companions. We had 2 missionaries go home this week :( One hermana because she was having unknown seziures.... and one elder because he broke his nose during soccer! Crazy week!!!

My MTC President and his wife are amazing, they are so nice. The President knows so much about the gospel and the scriptures!! On sunday we had a 3 hour lesson on the Atonement. One word AMAZING. We just went thorough the whole Atonement and he pointed out little details i had never noticed.

The Colombia CCM is one of the smallest, there are maybe 60 missionaries. Its so nice because you become friends with everyone!! All the latinas and latinos are so nice I LOVE them.

We have been reading scriptures with the latina Hermanas every night practiciing our spanish with them. They are so amaizng, and truely have the strongest testimonies. All my teachers here are from Colombia! They speak mostly spanish, which is good so we pick up the language quick!

Today the temple was so amazing. Its beautiful, the art work there is magnificant. I felt so much love from Heavenly Father today sitting in the celestial room. We took pics at the temple today, but I was told that we cann't send pictures until NEXT week because all the old elders will be done here and the internet cant take it when there are 60 people sending photos :(
But next week I will have so many!!!! :))))))

Some Hightlights:
1) We got to go on a proselyting activity this past saturday in the Bogota South Mission!! Wow such an amazing experience. We met up with some sisters at the church, Herm. Agular and I were together and Herm. Padgett was with the other sister. Hermana Barrio was my "trainer" she told us the plan and we went out. We contacted people on the street by telling them a simple message and giving them a card with Christ on it. It was so fun to share the gospel for real!!! We even had a lesson with one investigator, it was the 3rd visit and we taught the first lesson, the restoration. I could understand parts of the conversation but it was hard to know word for word what they were saying. Hermana Barrio had Hermana Agular and I take turns bearing testimony on different points of the gosepl. I got to testify of the Book of Mormon. WOW what an amazing spirit I felt. I have never experienced a spirit like that before, I just knew that what I was saying was true, that the Book of Mormon is the true word of God!!

It was such an amazing experience. It has been pouring a lot of the day (so my rain stuff worked soooo well! I stayed dry) we were sitting in a members house when the big storm hit! The members were 2 older ladies who can't read anymore so we were reading the Book of Mormon to them, while I was sitting there with them, I had this overwhelming feeling that I cant imagine being anywhere else! I know this is where i am supposed to be doing the Lords work.

The sweet member gave us a super good drink called agua de panella, it sort of tasted like a tootsie roll and was really delish! The rest of the night we knocked on doors of appointments but they weren't available, so we would contact by giving cards to everyone who would listen! We ended the night by showing a small family the bible video of Jesus in Gethemane. It was so good! We testified of Christ and how he knows us so well and that he died for us so we can be with God again. This family had a little 4 year old girl named Isabela and she is so cute! She reminded me of Will, I told them i have a little redheaded brother who is 4 and they thought that was so cute!!

The whole activity on Saturday was Amazing! So fun to get out and talk to real people! And to see the city of Bogota! I am definately in South America, I didn't see one trash can and no fast food, LOL! But the people are so loving, kind and open to the gospel. One man on the side of the road played his guitar for us and made up a song about our church! LOL!

2) Outside the CCM is a park and there are AlWAYS a million dogs! I was not expecting there to be so many dogs in Colombia but there are like 30 different dogs at that park everyday!

3) Another random highlight was, at Gym one day I was telling my companions how I really could go for some pizza and then that night, we walked into the cafeteria and we were having pizza! The slices were costco size and PACKED with pineapple! So delicious!

This week was really great! I have learned so much. Scripture study everyday has really strengthened my testimony and I know it will for anyone who does it daily.
I'm so glad that everything is going well at home. Keep sending questions!! I LOVE YOU ALLL!!!! I miss you!!

Until next week,
Hermana Anderson


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