November 6, 2018




Hermana Agular/ Hermana Padgett

Week One at the CCM

Family & Friends,

Week 1 down at the CCM. Wow!!! Columbia is beautiful. It rained 2 times sooo hard, tropical rain forsure.
The food here is so delishous. we eat a meat, rice, potatoes and some other side almost everyday but is very good! We had hamberguers this week! CRAZY.
We cant send pictures again this week... so next week ill send a ton of pictures for you!! My district is really hardworking, we are coming along in our spanish. Me and my companions got called as district leaders over ourselves because we are the only North Americans here!! District meeting on Sunday was really cool. We talked about the strengths and weaknesses of our district and how to help! It was really eye opening. We are responsible to help our companions along with investigatiors. My district is All on different levels of spanish but they are learning! I've Learned so much in one week! I can bear my testimony in spanish, recite the principles of the gospel and recite my purpose as a missionary in spanish. Talking to the latinas is so hard but so good because of the practice. Im starting to understand poco Espanol when poeople talk to me. I can understand the gist of what they are saying, i am just praying for the gift of tounges every day! I keep writing in spanglish in my journal at night, hahahaha, so if that doesnt say how spanish is going idk what will.

Gym time is sooo fun! We play soccer with the latinos and 4 square, sometimes even basketball. Its so nice to take time out of the day to be active and relax!!

I feel really happy to be on my mission. It was so so so hard the first three or so days, i felt confused and like i couldnt do it, i definately wanted to go home. But as the week went on and i kept praying for guidence and peace. I felt like i do have a purpose here and i can learn this language. English will always be the language of my soul but i need to learn spanish to speak to the souls of people in south america. I know this is my purpse, someone in Uruguay needs the gospel but i cant help them until i learn this language.

Sunday was one of the best days. We got to speak in English, because durning the week its a SIN!!! LOL. It was a super spiritual day. We talked about the importance of the Book of Mormon in our testimony. I would challenge all of you to read the Book of Mormon EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!! It will help you in your life and improve your tesimony. We listened to Elder Hollands talk to the provo MTC and he talked about how missionary work IS HARD. I definately misunderstood how hard a mission REALLY is.....its so hard BUT the spirit is so strong. The savior died for me.... I can give up my comfort for 18 months.
Moroni 9:6 and D&C 50 were a scriptures that stood out to me this week!

My Pday is Tuesdays! We also get to go to the temple each Tuesday! Today we went and it was so so so amazing. The Bogota Temple is beautiful and it felt like home to be in the temple.
Heres to another week!! I love you all so much. Sorry for all the spelling errors, the keyboard here is different than the US.... I will figure it out and my emails will get better!! We only have one hour to respond to and write emails so its really stressful!

I'm doing so good! Learning and growing ALOT. I LOVE this gospel and how it blesses our lives. Dont forget to study your scriptures every day!

With Love Hermana Anderson


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