October 31, 2018




First Email

I made it!!
The flight was great! There were so many missionaries at the airport, like 30!

I sat next to and Elder Richards who is in the Colomiba CCM and is going to serve in Colomiba! I loved talking to him because it took my mind off of leaving and he was fun to talk to!

I slept a little bit but on the flight to Bogota but I mostly read a Great and Marvelous Work, that book definately saved my life!!

Dinner on the flight was really good! I ate this chicken and noodle salad, it was delicious. 😀 Immigration took like 45 mins because of the long line, so about 10 of us missionaries just talked and had a good time!

The driver was there and everything was good, they greeted us in Spanish and only spoke spanish to us! I exchanged my money for some colombian pesos because the assistant driver said i would need it, so that worked out well.

There are 3 sisters going to my same mission and we are companions!! I love them so much, Hermana Padgett and Hermana Agular.

We got to the CCM at 12 and tried to be quite but we couldnt find our room so we accidentally woke up our two other hermanas!! But then at 3 am more Hermanas came in and had the same situation LOL.

I Love the little latinas they are really caring, funny and kind, there are only us 3 americans and like 12 latinas. The CCM is super nice and im loving it! We had a little spanish lesson this morning and it made me excited to learn this language.

I know it will be work but im excited to accomplish it!

I love being a missionary and am excited for what this week will bring.
I Love you all so so so much!! I miss you, its been weird not to text you! I hope you have a great week!

LOVE Hermana Anderson💝


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