November 6, 2017




Sister Cottle

Hardcore Catholics

​This week was kind of slow. Not a lot happened but I will tell you what did happen. Also, housekeeping item; if you ever want to be taken off my weekly email, just let me know! I won't be offended at all because I know how emails can pile up! Onto the week!

Wednesday: We went door knocking and met a woman named Bonnie! She has talked to missionaries before, never been taught but is open minded. We invited her to church (an action step for our zone goal of finding families to teach) and she said she might actually do it! Haven't seen her there yet but we have faith! We also met John who is from Poland and has a super sweet accent. He so kindly informed us that he is "hardcore catholic" so we wouldn't get anywhere with trying to teach him. He was really nice to us and had a great conversation about his life and taught him a bit about the gospel. Lots of door knocking until Book of Mormon study class. Members of the ward get together to read and study. Someone should start that in all wards because it is amazing.

Thursday: Service day! Not much to tell except for our teeny miracle. We were trying to knock on a certain street and could not find it for our lives. We finally prayed for help as to where we needed to be. Needless to say, Heavenly Father basically plopped it in front of us after that. We had a great lesson with a less active and finally got her to tell us her problem with Joseph Smith. We are getting somewhere with her!

Friday: Stru.ggle.bus. So many disappointing things happened but we are trying to rely on the Savior. Sister Cottle and I have an action plan to find more success here in Dewitt and we will see how it goes this coming week.

Saturday: We finally caught our investigator at home. We had a great talk with her and see really opened up. Everything is going good again and she is so excited to be baptized! Just a few more kinks to work out! Also, racking leaves in the rain, quite fun honestly. We also met a man named Dave in our complex parking lot. We talked with him for an hour and he said he would look into our message. Fingers crossed!

Sunday: Such a good Sunday, RS especially. We were asked two questions that I also extend to everyone reading this. Whatever is going on in your life: Where are you? Why are you there? I have added one more, where do you want to be? I've been thinking about the answer to those questions and I suggest you do too.

​I hope you all have a great week! Hopefully my pictures will work as well!​

-​I was dying at this dog in Walmart. Can I laugh at this when I am a missionary? Well, I did. Thank you weird Christmas decor.
-Sister Cottle and I
-Michigan is really pretty when rain isn't pelting you in the face
-I freak out whenever I see a deer still. It ran away though...


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