October 23, 2017




Sister Cottle

Just Dewitt!

Howdy folks! I am in Michigan!! It is insane to actually be here but it's good so far! My first area is DeWitt and I will be here for the next 12 weeks for training! My new companion is Sister Cottle and she is great. She deals with me quite well which is a good sign that these next few weeks will be okay! I didn't have P-day last week so this email will be a longish one!

Friday: Oh my Sister Godfrey and I had quite the adventure. She was super shaky when we went into our 6:30 class but we didn't think too much of it. About an hour later, she tells me "My hands are purple and I can't feel them." That was a little worrisome so we asked our teacher if we could go to the nurse (which we realized was closed) and headed over there. The on-call MTC doctor said to run her hands under hot water for 15 minutes and then call back if it doesn't improve. Well, it didn't so we were sent to urgent care. After her visit in urgent care, they thought it might be a blood clot so we were sent to the ER. After like 3 hours in the ER, we got to go home. We still don't know exactly but happened but all is well so that's good.

Saturday: It was a pretty relaxed day. Our investigator Kristina kind of committed to be baptized...just not right then. We are still counting it as a win. We had a lot of free time between our cancelled lessons and exercise so we all wrote tons of letters. It was so fun!!

Sunday: SUCH a good Sunday. My favorite part was our district testimonies. It was cool to hear testimonies from the people that had been stuck with me in the MTC for 3 weeks. I don't know about anyone else but I know I felt the spirit. I really miss my MTC buds too but it's fine, i'm fine. Also, for our Sunday night "movie" we literally RAN to Legacy. It's a movie about pioneers. A sister behind me said, "you know you are a missionary when you run to a movie about pioneers." She hit the nail on the head.

Monday: Super normal day but we did have a fun prank with the Elders. Sister Jensen had found a plastic skeleton under the vending machines. So, of course, she put it in Sister Godfrey's bed. It was then moved to Sister Quist's and then to Sister Clark's pillow. We decided that it would be so much funnier to put it in the Elder's bags the next day. We took the poor skeleton man apart and each limb went in a bag. It was seriously the funniest thing of the MTC to see the look on their faces.

Tuesday: Biggest lesson I learned was during study. I learned and ingrained it into my mind that Faith alone won't accomplish everything. Remember that.

Wednesday: Holy Moly travel day! We woke up at 4:15, were at the travel office by 4:50 and off to the airport by 5 am. We took 2 train thingies (I'm from california where that's not a thing) to the airport. Sister Godfrey almost fell down the escalator but luckily, just her suitcases fell. Crisis averted. We took a 4 hour ride to Detroit. When we landed in Detroit, we were already late getting off the plane and had to RUN to our next flight to Lansing. We got to the counter and the attendant goes "Are you my Salt Lake peeps?!" Yes ma'am. We are. Let us on. We got to Lansing and toured a little until we headed to the Mission Home. It was a crazy day but it was good.

Thursday: We had breakfast, training and then we met our new companions and headed to our areas! Our lesson fell through but we found things to do.

Friday: Sister Cottle and I broke down some walls which I think helped us grow. We got to do service in the Library which was really fun. I already miss Barnes and Noble. No lie. We knocked doors that day but found some really cool people!

Saturday: We knocked alllll day. But, we had quite a few potentials come out of it! Progress! The work is slow here right now but I have faith it will take off soon!

Sunday: I made it to Sunday! Church was wonderful and recharged me a lot. We had Branch Conference which was wonderful. We talked about how Christ isn't asking us to be perfect but He is asking for us to strive to be better everyday.

Monday: Today! We cleaned up the apartment and I finally got all the way unpacked. I figured I should since I won't be going anywhere until probably January at the earliest!

It's been good so far! I miss the MTC (not the food of course) and my life back home but I am learning to love the change! There have definitely been hard days but I know if I take it a day at a time and rely on Christ, I've got this.


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