April 28, 2020


Blacksburg, VA


Elder Buchard

This is it! The Last Letter!

Hey howdy hey folks!
As you may know (and like the title says) this will be my last email of my mission. So as I type this It has still not hit me yet that I will be going home. Let's just say these last 2 weeks have been a blur. But a good blur I guess. I don't really have much to say or report back on but I would like to leave my last and final testimony.

I'm not gonna lie my mission was not what I expected. People told me that it will be some of the hardest times of my life, but of course as we read and study in 2 nephi 2 we find that there is opposition in ALL things. There were hard days and times when it felt that the week wouldn't ever end and P-day would never come. But I found that every week does come to an end, and before I knew it those hard weeks were followed up by some of the best times in my life. That is what the Lord does... he compensates and makes up the difference! His atonement and loving grace is real! I'm so glad to say that I have seen and felt it in my own life, and have been able to feel his divine love. Not only in my self, but it has been amazing to see that in other people's lives as well. GOD LOVES ALL OF HIS CHILDREN! Before my mission I'm not sure I really had a testimony. Just kinda riding on my friends and families ideas and feelings, but these last 21 months have changed me into a true follower and believer of Christ! I can now say that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God, and that I am certain the first vision did take place. I can read and study all the canonized scripture (especially The Book of Mormon) and truly testify that it is the Word of God! Countless number of times has the Holy Ghost spoken to me personally through those pages.
Thank you all, especially those who have written me and received my weekly letters and had to put up with my goofiness. Somethings never change! I have felt your love and support, and your prayers have helped me in ways you will never understand, but I hope you know how grateful I am because of it! I will see you all soon! Peace out West Virginia/ Virginia! The people here will always have a special place in my heart, but never as much as you all back home!
I thought about putting John Denver's song lyrics here after, but I guess that's pretty cringey so just listen to it for me instead! It's a classic haha.
Love you all!
For the last time!!
Elder Hunter Brian

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Dawna Brian says:
Elder Brian we are so proud of you and the wonderful missionary you have been for the last 21 months we are so excited to see you on Friday night . We love you so much Grandma and Grandpa Brian
on April 28, 2020

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