September 16, 2019


Lexington, VA


Elder Penney

Dogs at the dinner table!!

Hey guys!
This week has been good… just a normal week!

The beginning of the week was good. We started off by having a missionary correlation at our ward mission leade’rs home. He made some of his Costa Rica food from his mission and that was fun and different for a change!
We had a dinner appointment this week at another members house on Tuesday night. They are a really cool family that I have grown to like quite a bit. The only thing is their dogs! Grrrr…. It was a little bit of a different encounter than what I am used too. I am used to running away or throwing a rock or something at them but not these dogs! They sat right up to the table for dinner with us. The whole time I have these 4 huge dogs breathing on me. It was not the best smell. Fortunately, they were kind enough to turn off the fan so that their hair was not distributed all over our plates. Haha!
Later that night we went and helped the new SVU soccer coach move in. We met alot of his players, and that was cool. Alot of them are returned missionary’s, so it was cool to talk to them about their missions. Wednesday is always our day full of service! We volunteer at a couple of places. Then we go to the church for our church tour, but we were missing a few important things, so it didn't work that night. Thursday was fun. We had district council so the zone leaders could come. It was a good council and we all decided to go buy some steaks and grill em’ up! I felt a little like Gordon Ramsey, minus the harsh language!
Later that night we went on some quick splits and went and taught some recent convert lessons. Was a good night. The rest of the weekend was basically tracting and trying to reconnect with some people. Sunday was good because we had stake conference. The whole thing was centered on Christ and the temple. There were a lot of recent converts who talked and shared their testimonies. We finished out a great day by getting together with all the missionaries afterwards and we made a bunch of fried chicken! Was sooooo good!

Spiritual Thought: Sunday night we had dinner at some members home. For the spiritual thought Brother Krout shared a very cool thought. He said in Kirtland the pioneers had a lot of amazing spiritual experiences. Later they went to Nauvoo and struggled with many trials and heart ache and many could not bare the hardships. He then likened this to members of the church. Are we going to fall away when we have our Nauvoo days and forget about the spiritual times in Kirtland? Never forget your spiritual witness when times get hard!
Thank you for all of your prayers on my behalf.

Love you all,
Elder Brian


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