August 12, 2019


Bedford, VA


Elder Buchard

Getting Cooler in the VA

Howdy y'all!!!!
Things are great here in Virginia and I just hope everyone had a great week back home as well.

The beginning of the week was pretty typical. Service at food pantry and it was super busy! We had dinner with our branch president and another family! It was good except Brother Manly sets a timer on when we need to get out of the house Haha. Keeps us on our toes!
We went over the baptismal questions with our boy Zachariah. It was really good to see him and Andria after their vacation. We also had to help them get a desk from Goodwill.
I got my Virgina State fishing licence as well..... been skipping a few dinner hours to catch up on some lost time on the pond! Friday was a really good day! We had District Council....the whole time we focused on using the Bible. We often forget it in the missionary work so we have been trying to use the "Full Canon." The people here love their Bible! We need to have common ground with the people we go and teach. I had the opportunity to interview a woman for baptism. : The interview was suppppper cool. The spirit was so strong as she testified to me about her conversion and the gospel. The church is true!
We had exchanges as well. I was in Bedford with Elder Harward! I've grown to really like him as we have been close to each other on our mission!
We had dinner with a really cool member and on our walk back home from dinner we realized that we had miss a call from a less active member. They had seen us walking past the Dairy Queen. They wanted to meet with us and long story short, we are going to teach her parents. Her mom is so WEIRD... she had 2 inch long nails and started scratching my back in public! Not good Haha. I was freaked out and so uncomfortable!! haha
Also! THE FANNY PACK CAME IN CLUTCH... I know you all have been laughing but we were walking home and street contacted this mom and her kids. She was interested and let us walk and talk with her. We were panicking because we didn't have a Book of Mormon on us because of dinner. But, I had my pack on and it had a copy in it! I am telling you, they need to make these things mandatory!! Haha It was a good experience!

Saturday and Sunday were good... we split some wood for the branch! We later went and helped a member move his chicken coop from his yard and it was not a pleasant experience! Good thing Grandpa Harry taught me how to work with old wire and junky stuff! I knew it would come in handy eventually.
I hope you all have a great week!
Thank you all for the love and support and prayers. They are felt!
Love Elder Brian


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