May 20, 2019


Craigsville, WV


Elder Williams

WENDY'S for the Win!!

Hey everyone!
This week was a very eventful one for sure! Hope everybody had a good one as well.
Tuesday through Thursday was really crazy! Tuesday, we planned to go up to Flatwoods late that night for zone conference. We worked all day then went and met up with the other elders. It was a good day! Zone Conference was great. They planned to only have it go until 12 but it of course it went until like 2. President Lindhart gets into it! He is such a great guy! We talked a lot more about working with members in the work and ways we could do better to involve them. We had interviews after that but he was running late and asked us to go get lunch. So WENDY’S for the win!!
Interviews were great! We talked alot about our branch and what we could do to help it out. We were running so late on interviews that our exchange with the zone leaders was cancelled. We will hit them up this week! We got up that morning and came home to what we had planned for the week. The rest of the weekend was the usual missionary grind! Meaning we knock lots of doors and try and contact alot of people. It was really good though!
We had a great district council and a really good lesson with a less active family. They are great people with strong testimonies...just got to get them going again! Sunday was very interesting and productive! It was stake conference (our stake center is 2.5 hours away) so we had it pulled up on a tv at the church here in Cowen.....and we were the only ones that showed up so we made our selves at home with snacks and Mt. Dew. Everyone else was on Stake Break I guess!!
We went and saw our friend Darrel Hall and went tracting and taught an older gentleman named Jack Russell. He showed us all of his wood working projects. Later that day we taught a really cool lesson with our Boi John! We put him on date to get baptized in June. So hopefully everything goes well!
Some funny things that happened this week. While we were in Walmart…. a big old black guy comes up and asks us why we keep moving our corporations to China.... he thought we were businessmen, I guess. The other guy we met while doing laundry Haha comes up to me and says..."I don’t know how to say this but....then goes off about how he has been lied to his whole life. How J wasn’t even a letter in Jesus's day, and how the original Christmas wasn't for Jesus and how the Easter bunny really doesn’t lay colored eggs.... Appalachia at its finest! We see it all!!

Spiritual thought: The first counselor of our stake presidency talked about the sacrament in his talk. The part I loved is when he said that we should be preparing the night before for this important ordinance. I extend this invitation to all of you...not necessarily preparing on Saturday night to take, but to take certain steps in making our sacrament experience better and more spiritual each week.

Love ya’ll
Have a good week !
Elder Brian


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