September 17, 2018



Elder Pickett

The Mason-Dixon Line!

It's been a slow week here and not too much going on. We did the usual stuff, tracting, a couple hours of service, and talk to formers. We have been getting a lot better at trying old investigators and starting that spark back up that they once felt. A guy named Peter, (the one with the really good beard), has been looking back into our religion again. So we hope that things work out with him. We set up a dinner appointment with a less active. We didn't even know she was on our church records when we knocked her house. So that's cool. Our guy we put on date named Will wasn't home when we went to see him. He is going to school here at WVU and is a part time coal miner. We took our member friend who is a coal miner as well. Hopefully things will work out there.

I travelled up to Pennsylvania a few times this week. Our apartment is only like 4 miles so it was cool. We had to hop on the bandwagon and get a pic with the Pennsylvania sign and Mason-Dixon Line as well. The town's we visited were named Point Marion and Greensboro. The place was tiny almost as small as Lyman Utah. We found a few potentials on our journey. My comp layed out a dog on the door steps that tried to bite us. It was funny, he is an animal softy and wanted to go back apologize. We talked to another witch. She was super nice though, unlike the one that we ran into last time! We even gave her a family proclamation! I went on exchanges this week. Me and Elder Jensen, he is from Hurricane, Utah. It was a blast plus we found them (the other elders) a couple of people to come back and teach. It was a really fun day to go out and hear someone else teach and see how they do things. That's why I love exchanges.

Later we met a woman named Vickey Deberry, a less active woman. She is the typical West Virginia woman. No teeth but loves Jesus and is super nice. We invited her to come back to church and she came!! Wahoo! Talk about the sweetest old lady I've ever met. She walked in with a “Jesus is my boss” hat, a bible shirt, and she wore a bunch of crosses! She couldn't sing obviously haha so she started clapping and moving to the music. She liked to hold all the babies and kept saying God bless to everyone. She liked to kiss people on the forehead as well. Our ward council leader taught and he is super smart about plants and weeds. He said he likes weeds and she thought he meant like marijuana. It was so funny haha right in the middle of class. It was a really good reminder to me as I learn more and more that I must keep that love and child- like faith like Vickey. With child like submission and love for the gospel anything is possible on the Lord’s errand!

Have a great week everyone!

Thanks for all of the packages, letters and emails, and love and support! I love to hear from you all!

Love Elder Hunts Brian


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