August 27, 2018



Elder Pickett

Cheat Lake

Hey ya’ll !
It was a really fast week here in West Virginia. To start out every Tuesday and Wednesday morning we go and do service at the local food runs for a couple hours. Scott's run and some Christian run place. I'm surprised they let us help at these locations because no one thinks we worship Christ, only this John Smith guy apparently! We have been tracking a lot also. We don't have a lot of people to teach so we are on a mad dash to find people. This area is tough and no one wants to listen. We have been trying to give out family proclamations because who could say no to families? It seems to be working and we have found some serious potentials we are going to go back and teach.
The members out here feed us so good. On Tuesday we are at the Fredrickson’s. Brother Fredrickson is a coal miner so we got into a good conversation about that. I told him I was a coal hauler back home and he wasn’t too impressed! He showed me some videos. He is super young still and is built like a tank plus they have the funniest 2 year old named Jadee. We tracked into a guy named John Fahey. Super rich dude who loves our church. He read the Book of Mormon cover to cover and loves what we are doing. He invited us in gave us water and we talked for 30 minutes. He said will not change from Roman Catholic but said we could stop by his work anytime. He even bought us a steak at the local Outback. Super nice guy.
We have been trying to use the churches full name at the door steps and avoid using “Mormon” at all costs. Well we knocked on this door and avery nice lady answers. We state our (full) name and case and she is super glad to take one of our proclamations. Still confused, she asked what church we are from. We looked at each other and finally just said we are the Mormons! And she gleamed with joy!! Haha She then proceeded to say how her husband loves Mormons and how they always joke around about joining our church! It is okay to call ourselves Mormons but we should still follow the prophet and use the full name of the church to identify
Had my first Zone Conference and it was really good to hear from President. He is always fires up the missionary work. He talked alot about gathering the children of Israel. Everyone drives to zone conference with us because we have a van!! Haha! The next day we had exchanges with the other elders in our district. I was with Elder Harrison all day. We walked around the campus and taught a couple lessons. After we went to a ward activity and did LARPing. Live. Action. Role. Playing. It was ridiculous! Full grown men fighting with foam swords and shields for an hour and a half. No wonder their ward is called the Young Single Adult ward! I was so mad we had to do that. After dinner we played ping pong at the institute. I lost. It was so heart breaking. Saturday we had our own ward activity. They did normal stuff like eat food and socialize with people.
I love my ward now! The members are great. It's been a good week. Me and the comp get along great and all is well.
Thanks for all of your love and support!
Love Elder Brian


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