February 8, 2014


Provo, utah


Hermana Eusevio

Hola here from the MTC!!!:D

Hey Everyone!!!
Cant you believe it! Week one in the MTC!!! :D The past few days have been absolutely crazy, and amazing at the same time! Oh my goodness, you won't believe it! So when I got here on Wednesday, after saying my goodbyes, my host took me over to get my name tags and my information packet. Once I got there, the Sister asked me my name and where I was going and after I told her, she responded, "Oh!!! I checked in your companion earlier!!" I kinda freaked out a bit and was like "Really! Do you remember her name!?" Well she did and you will not believe who mi compañero is!!!!! My companion is HERMANA ESPINOZA!!!!!!!!! :D DJ ESPINOZA!!!!!:D Can you believe it!!!! She was the girl I met on instagram that was going to my same mission! We have been talking since October and even hung out a couple times and went to the temple and everything!! You can say I was pretty excited! The funny part was, we talked to each other right before we got set apart and were saying how awesome it would be if they made us companions, but figured that there was no way that would happen! But guess what, it did!!:D After getting all my books, which was literally 10 pounds (they weren't exaggerating:P), We dropped off our stuff in our rooms and headed to class! When I walked in the room, Hermana Espinoza ran up to me and we freaked out a little together. haha Ya, everyone looked at us all confused and when we told them they were like, "NO WAY!!! What are the odds!!!" It was pretty funny! Another sister in our district didn't end up having a companion so we adopted her into out companionship so we are a trio now! I found out today that I guess that is how it is for sisters down in Villahermosa. Rather than just being two in a companionship, they do groups of three. So that's pretty cool! I love my companions, they are amazing! I also just love the feel here!!! When you walk into a room, everyone yells "HOLA HERMANAS!!!!!" I just love it! Everone is just so happy and helpful, I just love the people here.

Class was definitely interesting our first day! Immediately when we walked in, they told us that here at the CCM (or MTC) they only talk to us in spanish! All of our classes are in spanish and everone talks to you in spanish! It's crazy! It was definitely overwhelming at first, but has gotten better over the past couple days! The first day I could hardly understand them, but now I can understand a lot of what they say! It also helps that we do this thing called HSI (Hablo Tu Idioma) so everywhere we go, we speak in spanish with our companions, which has helped so much!  El donde languas es verdadero!!!!! (The gift of tongues is true!) I feel like I have learned more spanish in the past three days than I ever did in the two years I took spanish. It's remarkable! I have loved learning the language. Yesterday, we learned how to pray and bare our testimonies in spanish, so from here on out, we can only pray in spanish/ spanglish:P Gotta love it! The funny thing is , is I am having a hard time even writing in english because my brain is in spanish mode right now. Even last night, when I was writing in my journal, I kept catching myself writing words in spanish not even realizing it. It's so funny. I love it though! 

 Yesterday was crazy! Guess what we had to do!?!?!? We had to teach our first investigator!...... In SPANISH!!!!!!!! Her name was Kaela Thomas. She is from Colombia and only speaks spanish, therefore, we had no choice, but to hablo en espanol! As we planned for our lesson it was very stressful at first. We didn't know what to plan to teach because we had no idea where the conversation would lead us. We didn't know what she knew about the gospel or what questions she would have, so we just had to plan to the best of our ability. At one point though, we had no idea what to do! We were all stressed out and couldn't even focus. So we got up, went into the other room, and prayed. In that moment, we felt this overwhelming comfort. We knew the spirit would help us with our lesson so we had ablsolutely nothing to worry about! When we went back into class, ideas just came out and our lesson just came together so quickly, it was remarkable. That just goes to show you the power of prayer! It really can help you in your day to day life. Anytime you feel overwhelmed and just dont know what to do, turn to your heavenly father and he will help you though it all. I know that to be true. When we went to teach our lesson, ya it was definitely rough, really rough, but the spirit did help us with it and she asked us to teacher again on Monday!!! I cant wait!! I'll let you all know how it goes! Sorry I am a little all over the place, but i have to go, but I will write more later!!! Love you all!!!

Love,Hermana Thompson


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