Spencer W. Kimball
Missionary preparation consists largely of effort in three areas: 1. Keeping one's life clean and worthy and remaining free from all sins of the world. The Lord has provided that forgiveness can be had if there is total repentance. If there have been problems, there must be a total transformation of one's life, if he is to be forgiven. 2. Preparing one's mind and the spirit to know the truth. To arrive at mission age and be illiterate in the gospel or the common knowledge of the world would be most unfortunate indeed. Certainly by the time young people reach the age when they are eligible to be called, they should be prepared to step from conventional roles at home into the important role of the missionary without a total reorganization of their life, standards, or training. 3. Preparing to finance the mission so it may be the missionary's own contribution, as far as is possible. It costs money to go to the various parts of the world and preach the gospel. How wonderful it would be if each future missionary were to have saved for a mission from birth. How wonderful it would be if each missionary were to totally or largely finance his or her own mission and thereby receive most of the blessings coming from missionary labors.

– Spencer W. Kimball