February 1, 2016


Durham 1


Sister Workman

The snow is thawing and so are people's hearts

The greatest miracle from this past week was church! I missed it so much when it was cancelled last week due to the snow. We also had 4 of our investigators there, which was amazing! One of them, Kaia, even brought her friend along and her friend is interested in coming to Young Women's with her and would be interested in meeting with us! Since it was the fifth Sunday, priesthood and Relief Society were combined for the third hour. Before the lesson, a woman who just moved in approached us and told us she would like for us to meet with her non-member husband. He has apparently met with sister missionaries before and really liked it and she was wanting us to continue to teach him. I really hope we can help him progress and get baptized so that they can be sealed!

Since this is a new transfer, we have a new district leader. And a new district. We used to be with the Chapel Hill elders and sisters but now we are with the Durham 2nd missionaries, so meetings are a lot closer. It is a great district and I am excited to get to know them better! The district leader is great, he is very interested in our investigators and wants to know how he can help us in any way.

Last week there was a baptism for the Durham 2nd ward that we were able to attend because 2 of our investigators (Bernard and Earnest) were there. People kept introducing themselves to Earnest and helping him feel welcome, which is the greatest thing to see! I absolutely love when members reach out to investigators (hint hint)! Even at church yesterday, Earnest always had someone talking to him and getting to know him. At the baptism, I overheard Earnest telling a member of our ward that he "got some good answers about if this is the right path" and that he "can't wait until he becomes a member"! I am so excited for him! It is incredible to see the changes that are happening in him as he learns more about the Gospel and comes closer to our Savior through reading the Book of Mormon and praying. He already had incredible faith but he has just grown so much. Bernard is of course still amazing. He is the 9 year old who is reading the Book of Mormon faster than I am. Granted, he also has more free time than I do :) He also really enjoyed the baptism and is looking forward to his own on the 13th. He is totally on track and I am thrilled to be able to be a small part of his journey.

I have such a testimony of the importance ward members play in missionary work. We could NOT do everything we do without their support and help. Having members come with us to lessons, or even better, having a lesson in a member's home, makes it go so much better than if it was just the missionaries. Your testimonies and experiences are so valuable and investigators progress much better when members are involved throughout their conversion process. Please help your missionaries. Go out with them if you can at all. Invite them to have a lesson in your home. I promise that blessings will come. The Spirit is much stronger when there are members in the lesson who add their testimony to ours and can help us teach the principles.

Love y'all
Sister Pyper


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