April 25, 2016


Durham 1


Sister Warner

"We are made to love"

Well, I am losing my companion. Again. Sister Warner is going to Pembroke to be a sister training leader. Yes, that is exactly what happened to my trainer. Who knows, they might end up being companions :) I thought I would be getting transferred, but apparently the Lord needs me here in Durham/Chapel Hill for another 6 weeks. I can't say I'm sad about that, I love it here! There are so many wonderful people and I'm looking forward to seeing at least some of them get baptized.

Speaking of baptisms, our investigator Toshy got baptized on Saturday!! It was wonderful to see her take this first step in returning to Heavenly Father. She had asked me to give the talk on baptism, so that was the focus of my studies for a few days. I learned so much about why it is so important to be baptized and the covenants we make. The commitment we make to serve others is lifelong. We are never done serving. Christ gave His whole life in service of others and we are to follow His example by serving as long as we live.

We met a fascinating lady the other day. She studies emotions and their effect on the heart. She told us that when we feel loved or appreciated, our heart settles into a smoother, more efficient rhythm. She said "we are literally designed to love" which I have been thinking about recently. Love is the foundation of the entire gospel. Everything we have is given to us by a Heavenly Father who loves us perfectly and endlessly. His Son gave His life out of love for us. Our love for them is manifest in the way we live our lives. If our bodies function better when we feel love, how much more must love benefit our spirits. Love is not just something that happens, it is something we actively choose. When we feel and express love for those around us, we are literally helping their heart work better.

Sorry this is so short. There are lots of things we want to see today before Sister Warner leaves, so there will be lots of pictures again next week.

Love y'all
Sister Pyper


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