July 18, 2016


Wake Forest


Sister Bobbitt

And I'm.......staying in Wake Forest!!!

Guess who's training? If you guessed me, you would be half-right. Sister Bobbitt and I are hosting a mini-missionary this coming week!! I had never heard of mini-missions until I was a missionary, but it is an awesome idea! Priest/Laurel age youth (at least in this mission, not sure if other missions do this) can spend a week with full-time missionaries and do everything with them. They have to follow all the same rules and standards that we do and they get to participate in every part of missionary work, from district meeting to weekly planning. I'm really looking forward to meeting whoever she is and giving her a taste of missionary life! The best part is that I totally joked that Sister Bobbitt and I could be trio training, and we kind of are! We didn't get transfer news until Sunday morning (we usually get it Saturday night), so we were both a little anxious. A member of the mission presidency called us and said that we had been recommended to host this mini-missionary and asked if we would be willing to do that. Of course we said yes! We are both excited to stay in Wake Forest and stay together.

Remember the miracle investigator we found a couple weeks ago by calling a wrong number? We were finally able to meet her in person this past week! Her name is Keisha and she is amazing!! She is a single mom of 3 and sets such a good example for her kids . She has never been baptized before (that alone is a miracle!!) and really wants to come closer to God and learn more about him. Good thing we can help her with all of those things :)

Wise quote from my companion: "Walk towards God, don't just face Him" We have to do more than simply claim to believe, we must live our lives in a way that shows our belief. Just like we don't plan a vacation and never get on the plane, we can't be prepared to live with Heavenly Father if we don't practice now. We show our faith as we take a step forward, not knowing exactly which way the path is going to take us. Having faith in the One who marked the path allows us to move forward into the unknown.

We had a great lesson with our investigators Larry and Donna (I kept mixing up their names and saying "Darry". Luckily it was only in front of Sister Bobbitt) this past week. Donna has been reading the Book of Mormon and read about 8 chapters in 4 days. That's better than I can do right now! She read in 1 Nephi 13 about the different churches and asked us what was meant by 'the great and abominable church'. Oh boy, that was a slightly scary question. I really did not want to offend her, but I also knew that it is my calling to testify of the truth. We were able to explain to her that there are ultimately only two churches: Christ's and the devil's. We explained that only Christ's church has His authority and the fullness of His gospel. She was really humble and wanted to learn, which meant that she was able to feel the Spirit as we testified of the Restoration and the priesthood.

Love y 'all
Sister Pyper


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