May 8, 2017


Holly Springs


Sister Smith

Miracles come through the members

First of all, transfer news! I am staying in Holly Springs with Sister Smith! I am so excited to stay in this area! Holly Springs is such a great place to be, the members are incredible!! Every single testimony except for maybe one yesterday was about missionary work and its importance. The Raleigh South stake fasted yesterday for missionary opportunities and the Bishop in Holly Springs felt prompted to invite the ward to fast every Sunday for the whole month for missionary opportunities. So many ward members shared their experiences sharing the gospel, whether giving their neighbor a Book of Mormon or inviting them to church. Sister Smith and I have both felt that working through the members is the key to success here in this area. We have been scheduling more active member lessons and committing our members to invite someone to learn more about the gospel. Member work is slower and more long-term than tracting but I know that it will be much more fruitful. I am so very grateful to be serving in this area where the members are already looking for opportunities to share the gospel. 

Monday: We had a sisters' activity. It is always fun to get together with the sisters in the zone and just have fun together. We decorated our next planners, watched The Testaments and just had fun. Two of the sisters in the zone are getting transferred. I will miss them both, but I am excited to meet the new ones coming in! 

Tuesday: I love the members here so much! We had one member call us in the morning and ask if we happened to have a copy of the Book of Mormon in Spanish. We did. She told us that there was a lady working on her house and she had been talking to her about the church. So we went over and gave her a Spanish Book of Mormon to give to this lady. The only downside (besides us not speaking Spanish) is that the lady lives in another zone. But if members are giving their friends a copy of the Book of Mormon, I don't care where they live. Members sharing the gospel is the most effective way to do missionary work. We had a member in the Holly Springs ward who came with us to a lesson in Swift Creek. When the lesson fell through, we tried some of the potentials in the neighborhood. As we walked, she told us about a couple experiences she had recently where she felt prompted to give someone a pass-along card. I am always impressed by how much the people here want to share the gospel, I never had pass-along cards with me before my mission. 

Wednesday: Kenia. We were tracting in the morning and met her. She is so sweet! She has a little baby girl and was really receptive. Also, we had to go to Raleigh to get a Tiwi in our car. Our old Tiwi didn't work so we had to get a new one. Not a very exciting day, other than meeting Kenia. 

Thursday: Interviews! I love interviews and this was exactly what I needed. President James always says exactly what I need to hear and helps me so much. I have no doubt that part of why I needed to come to the NCRM was because I needed President James. He is one of my favorite people in the whole world and he is just the best. I can't write as much as I want to about him because I am almost out of time, just know that he is the best mission president ever and I am so very grateful to be in his mission. 

Friday: We saw Nayana again! She was the girl who talked to us at Freddy's a few weeks ago. She had been really busy with finals and had forgotten to text us back but was so excited to see us!

Saturday: We took Linda to a baptism. Literally everything worked out perfectly. We had been scrambling the night before to get a ride and someone we didn't know finally said yes. So we get Linda and walk over to the member's car. We had maybe met the members once but didn't know them at all. But apparently Linda did :) They go to her family's restaurant often and she recognized them! They ended up being the perfect people to take us to the baptism, for Linda and for someone else. Due to time, I have to make the story short. There is this mystery investigator in our phone who we knew nothing about beyond his name and phone number. We had invited him to the baptism too. AND HE ACTUALLY CAME!! It turned out that the husband of the couple that gave us a ride and gone to this man's church a few years ago. Turns out that David (mystery investigator) is a pastor at another church, but told our member that his heart has been more open to learning more recently. 

Sunday: A less-active family came to church. The oldest son had an interview with the bishop so they just decided to come for the rest of the day :) Holly Springs had a huge focus on missionary work, like I already mentioned. 

Bonus story: This morning, as we were sitting in the library emailing, a man came up and asked if we were Mormon missionaries. When we said yes, he asked if we had a pamphlet he could read. We gave him one and he gave us a little comic book/pamphlet in return. We didn't read it but we flipped through just to get a feeling of what it was. It is a comic about someone who meets the Mormon missionaries and then gets 'saved' from their 'evil Satanic teachings'. I honestly think the whole thing is hilarious. How effective is it really to give something like this to people who have voluntarily left their lives behind to teach people about Jesus Christ?

Love y'all
Sister Pyper


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