May 1, 2017


Holly Springs


Sister Smith

Doctrine and Covenants 84:81 fulfilled

Doctrine and Covenants 84:81, 83 "Therefore, take ye no thought for the morrow, for what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink, or wherewithal ye shall be clothed....For your Father, who is in heaven, knoweth that you have need of all these things."
The part in bold was 100% fulfilled this week. Since it was the end of the month, and the end of the transfer, both Sister Smith and I were pretty much out of money on our support cards. We just bought the bare essentials when we went grocery shopping, fully convinced we were going to be eating a lot of rice the coming week. But through a series of miracles and tender mercies, our freezer is now completely full of (really good) food and we have fresh fruit and veggies too! Heavenly Father definitely knew our need and took care of us this week! Truly we 'received an hundredfold' and Heavenly Father "opened the windows of heaven, and poured us out a blessing, that there was not room enough to receive it". So sorry to all of you that haven't had breakfast yet, but this email will talk a lot about food.

Monday: #1. Rain. It rained for literally 24 hours straight. Really rained, no Seattle drizzle here. I was grateful that it was a Monday and we were able to spend the whole day inside. Neither of our appointments fell through, so we didn't have to do more walking in the rain than it took to get from the car to our lessons.
#2. Linda. We had an incredible lesson with Linda in a member's home. The members here are so great!! These members have helped her so much and are perfect friends for her. The husband served his mission in Taiwan, so he is able to talk to Linda in Mandarin a little bit. He was able to clarify some of the Word of Wisdom that she had questions about and he was familiar enough with Chinese culture to know what she should avoid, things that we had no idea about. But Linda is doing awesome and doesn't really have too many issues with keeping our commitments. We were able to figure out what her main holdup is about getting baptized and start working to help her resolve it. I love Linda so much and I am so excited to keep teaching her! <3
Food: The Andersons, the members who fed us and Linda dinner, were getting rid of a lot of food that they can no longer eat (due to allergies, not because the food was bad) and they asked us if we wanted some. So they sent us home with a bag full of food!

Tuesday: Exchanges with Sister Uchytil. It was a pretty adventurous day actually. We found 2 new investigators who seem really solid. We had a really great member lesson where the husband told us he has been feeling prompted to share the gospel with one of their new neighbors for a few weeks. So hopefully in the next few weeks we will be able to start teaching this neighbor and the family.
Oh yeah, and we also got chased by a dog. Long story short, there is a reason for the phrase "let sleeping dogs lie"
Food: We show up to the member lesson and the wife was in the middle of baking cookies for us <3

Wednesday: After district meeting, we went and did service for Ernie. We have been helping him finish his basement for a while, since before I got here. We are usually able to talk a little bit about the church and today was no exception. Ernie told us he made a deal with the past sisters that he would come to church once his basement is done and he still intends to keep that. We are almost done, we are to the point where we are doing the last bits before painting, so he should be able to come to church within the next transfer. He also watched one session of Conference and really enjoyed the talk on Sunday afternoon about missionaries.
Food: One of our recent converts had signed up to feed us dinner. She has done a great job of teaching her boys how to cook and they were the ones that made us dinner. Two teenage boys made a better meal than either Sister Smith or I could. They are trying to be healthier, so they made a bunch of mashed potatoes to finish off the bag. Then sent us home with an entire pan. That we have barely made a dent in.

Thursday: Fun story from doing service today. Every week we volunteer at the food cupboard in Holly Springs. Most of what we do is the setup and we have gotten to be pretty good friends with the other volunteers. One of the ladies was carrying some canned food outside and said "canned wheat. I have never seen that before". My first thought was that it was probably from the Church. I looked at the can, and yep, it was totally from the Church! It was really cool because we got to talk to her about food storage and emergency preparedness.
Food: After doing service at the Food Cupboard, they told us we could take some food home with us because they had way more than usual. So we got some sandwiches and a bag full of fruit.
Also, I had sushi for the first time. It was really good!
Sadly I forgot to take a picture :(

Friday: Most of our day was spent in MLC (mission leadership council). Not even exaggerating. We got there before 8:30 and left at 3:30. Good thing we had just planned on tracting. OH! We had a miracle happen on the way to MLC. The meeting is in Raleigh, not Holly Springs. We left right on time and headed to Raleigh. And then my GPS wouldn't turn on. I was mostly confident that I could get us to Raleigh, I have been there a few times since I came to Holly Springs, but still not 100% sure so I really really wanted my GPS to work. After a few minutes of very sincere prayers for my GPS to turn on, it worked!! Every prayer is answered, no matter how big or small.
Food: A member was having a pancake dinner at her kids' school and brought us with them. I got a piece of bacon that looked exactly like NC, which was fun.

Saturday: Went on a church tour, did a lot of tracting, melted in the 90 degree weather and probably equal humidity. It is way too early in the year to already be this hot and humid.
Food: We show up to our lesson with Linda and she gives us a bag of vegetables and some random treats that she got for us. Just because she is incredibly sweet and wanted to give us food. At this point we have more than enough food for the last week of the transfer. We don't need to buy any groceries this week, and will still probably have food left by transfers.

Sunday: Well, it POURED again today, right as we were leaving our dinner. But the teenage son got volunteered to walk us out with umbrellas so we didn't get soaked.
We met this really sweet girl from the Congo and taught her the Restoration. She was totally engaged and we could tell it all clicked with her. Right up until we got to the Book of Mormon, at which point she was really hesitant and unsure. She wasn't really willing to have us come back to teach her more. but we will probably end up helping her pack and move. Then the missionaries in Charlotte can find her a good YSA ward and help her get baptized :)
Food: A member had gone up to DC for the weekend and came back with cupcakes for us :)

Hopefully this email didn't make you too hungry :)

Love y'all
Sister Pyper


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