April 10, 2017


Holly Springs


Sister Smith

I'm getting too old to come up with creative titles.

Really uneventful day. Sister Smith wasn't feeling good so she slept most of the day. So I was able to get more caught up in my journal (I have never been fully caught up since my third transfer), which was nice.

Mika. We had gone to contact a referral from a ward member that wasn't home so we were knocking a few doors in the neighborhood. Mika was one of the first doors we knock and she lets us right in. And listens to a full Restoration lesson. And says she wants to read the Book of Mormon! The only downside was that, due to her and her daughter's schedules, we aren't able to see her again for a couple weeks. Sometimes I wish people didn't have to work/go to school/do sports/be busy, I wish I could just sit down with them and teach them all the lessons in a week. But I also totally understand that not everyone has the privilege (or ability) of living like a missionary, where the only thing I have to worry about is teaching the restored gospel. So I have to remember to be patient and work around people's schedules.
Linda. We met Linda last week, I don't remember if I mentioned her or not. Linda is super sweet! She is from China but has lived here in the US for most of her life. She knows a little about Jesus Christ but not a whole lot. We had a great lesson with her on prayer, why we pray and how we pray. She accepted a baptismal date for May 6. I'll keep y'all updated on her :)

Zone Conference!!! The Northern zones all met together for zone conference and then went to Duke Gardens afterwards. All of my companions who are still here in NC are in the North right now, so it was fun to see them. There aren't too many left though, which is really. Two of my past companions go home at the end of this transfer, so they gave their departing testimony at the end of zone conference. It was incredibly bittersweet. It was amazing to feel of their strength and to remember what I learned from them. I have been incredibly blessed to have wonderful companions who I love dearly. Each one has taught me a lot and has blessed my life. So realizing that they will be going home in a few weeks was sad, but I also know that we will be friends long after our missions end. (Side note, it was a little surreal to realize that I was in Durham this time last year. Last year's garden zone conference was also at Duke Gardens, so I already had pictures of all the things I wanted. I have been in the 'Northern Kingdom' my entire mission. I have absolutely no idea if I will ever make it down to the 'Southern Kingdom' but I have loved the North!)
A member of the Holly Springs ward invite their neighbors over for dinner with us.The neighbors didn't become new investigators, but they had a positive experience with us (which was especially good because the member told us their first interaction with missionaries was not good). The members here are so great! Just yesterday, we had 3 separate members give us the names of people to go visit. Most of them were part-member families and one member told us she has a nonmember friend who she has wanted to introduce missionaries to. I love working with, and through, the members! We are able to reach so many more people. Member work is more long-term than most missionaries think about (myself included) but I know that member work will generate more baptisms and greater conversion.

We did service at the food cupboard, went tracting, had Chinese food for dinner, and had a good discussion with a semi-active teenager. 

Sister Smith started feeling sick again, so we had to run to the store to get some stuff for her. As we are going through the checkout line, the lady working looks like she recognizes us and says hello. We hadn't ever met her, but she is Miles' wife!! Miles is the one who loves Elder Holland and said he had thought about becoming a member. Sister Wall had met his wife a couple times before I got here but hadn't ever been able to see her consistently. But we met her at work!! Rhonda, Miles' wife, was so excited to see us! She said they would love to have us over for dinner sometime soon :)We got home a couple minutes early. But just in time to help one of our neighbors. She is in the process of moving and we were able to help her carry some boxes down to her car. We got in right on time and got to do some simple service. 

We went store contacting at Target, where we had gone yesterday. Right as we walked in we saw Rhonda. She had just started her lunch break so we were able to sit and talk to her for pretty much her entire lunch break. Miles and their daughter were also there so we got to talk to all of them!! It is so cool to see how Heavenly Father puts us in the right place at the right time!After dinner we felt like we should go stop by a former investigator and then knock around them. On the way there, Sister Smith felt like we should knock the houses we drove past, so we turned around and started knocking. We found 4 new investigators in a little over an hour and one of them even invited us in and we had a full lesson with her. Following promptings always leads to miracles. Always. 

I found out that Christina (an investigator in my last area) is getting baptized this next weekend!!! Hopefully I will be able to go! I am so excited that she is getting baptized!!I felt impressed to go stop by an instigator we hadn't been able to get in contact with and he was home!! He was busy at the moment but we set up another appointment for this week. We were able to set a baptismal date with one of the investigators we met on Saturday. 
I love this work! It is incredible to see miracles every single day! Miracles and blessings beyond description come as we are serving the Lord and His children. I know that Heavenly Father loves of and every single one of us. He knows us individually and loves us completely. 
Love y'allSister Pyper


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