April 3, 2017


Holly Springs


Sister Smith

Not Enough Time For a Clever Title

Here are my miracles/tender mercies from this week. As always, I don't have enough time to share all the details, or even list all the incredible experiences so these are the highlights. 
Monday: I had 3 emails from Ethan when I got on to my email! The best part was when he felt bad for not writing me more before he went to the MTC :) I totally didn't blame him, I remember how hard it is to write people when there isn't a set day to do it. That being said, it is wonderful to hear from him more often now. <3We stopped by some people so Sister Wall could get pictures and say bye to them. It was sweet to see them and feel how much they loved Sister Wall. I'll miss being her companion but Raleigh 4 is getting an awesome missionary!
Tuesday:Transfer Day. Since Sister Wall was training and I didn't have anyone to stay with, I went up to transfers with her at 8 am. Luckily for me Sister Burkholder (one of my past companions) was also there early so we had a few hours to talk and catch up. I also got to see a lot of people from past areas. While I was with Sister Burkholder in the morning, we called Corinthia to check up on her. It was so good to hear her voice and talk to her a little! I have missed her and her sweet kids so much since I left Durham 2. Then I got to see Christina and Sister Michael, some of my favorite people from D2. They had come to pick up the sisters from transfers and I had no idea they would be there! That was a fun surprise! I also saw a member from my first ward and got to talk about his family a little. I met my new companion, Sister Smith. She is from Orem, UT and has been out about 9 months. She is amazing and I am so excited to be her companion! She is an incredible teacher and has a powerful testimony. While tracting in the evening, we found a lady named Jerrica. We taught her the full Restoration and she accepted a baptismal date! She was so sweet and receptive, I'm looking forward to continuing to teach her. 
Wednesday:While planning in the morning I realized that we had a kind of former investigators Tom and Leslie near our appointment at 6 (I say "kind of former" because we haven't been able to get in touch with them in a while. They are really busy with work and kids so schedules just haven't lined up yet). So when the appointment fell through, we stopped by to see Tom and Leslie. They were both home! With all of their kids! We were able to have a really good conversation with both of them and talk about their past experiences with members of the church. They have had really positive interactions and have lots of LDS friends, which has made them more interested in meeting us. Tom commented that it was a miracle that we were able to catch them all at home together. I have already realized many times that this is a work of miracles and that Heavenly Father is in the details, but it was so cool that Tom recognized it too! He also commented on how the LDS church takes care of people and that it is set up like the way Christ's original Apostles ran the Church in those times. He of course is right, because this is the same church Jesus Christ set up when He was on the earth. That is why it seems so much like His, because it is His. I am so grateful that I get to share that message with people every single day. 
Thursday: Ashley. Ashley is a less-active member of the church who has lived here in Holly Springs for a few months. She is having a baby this Friday, so we offered to have the Relief Society bring in meals. No one knew she was here because her records aren't in our ward. Where are they? In Wake Forest 1........For those of you who can't quite remember why that is significant, I served in that ward for 3 months last summer. Ashley told us her name and it sounded familiar to me. I couldn't quite place it but then I remembered that her records had been moved into WF1 when I was there, but we couldn't ever meet her. Well now she lives within walking distance of my apartment and we are getting her records moved to this ward! Not only was it amazing to see that I was led to find her, at a time when she can benefit immensely from the ward reaching out, but it was even more amazing to realize that I personally need to be in this area to bless Heavenly Father's precious children. There are only 2 sisters left in the entire mission that have served in WF1, me and Sister Bobbitt. We are the only sisters in the mission who have served in that ward and the only ones who could have known where her records were. And since Sister Bobbitt is still in Cary, I was the only one who could have been in this area to find Ashley. I have a very strong testimony that Heavenly Father is aware of all of His children, that He is intimately involved in the details of our lives. There are people in your life at this specific time for a specific reason, either so they can bless you or so that you can bless them. Often it is both at the same time. 
Friday:The sweet couple that helped us get out of the mud when our car got stuck. 
Saturday and Sunday:CONFERENCE!! I LOVE Conference! It is the best weekend of the year! I am running out of time, so I can't share all the things I learned, but I came away with answers to questions I had, plus some answers I didn't know I was seeking. I learned what I can do to be a better missionary, a better leader, and a better disciple of Jesus Christ. Some less-spiritual highlights of Conference:~ Elder Clark (who will always and forever be President Clark in my mind from when he was President of BYU-Idaho) saying the opening prayer Saturday morning. ~Hearing from Elder Choi (who is again President Choi. He was the mission president for my home mission and spoke at a stake conference when I was there.) and getting to see a picture of missionaries in front of the Seattle temple in the rain. It made my heart very happy :) His talk was also incredible.  ~Biscuits and gravy at a members house. My brother always makes biscuits and gravy so it was a sweet reminder of home and my wonderful brother <3

Love y'all,
Sister Pyper


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