September 5, 2017


England MTC


Elder McKinley

I'm a Football Fanatic! (aka soccer)

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Another week down. Kinda getting easier, but kinda getting harder.

I'm SOOO GLAD to hear about mom i pray so hard for her and our family every day. When I got the email about her results I read it to the guys as we were going to sleep and we all got up out of bed and danced around! Mom’s name is in the temple in England. She’s being fasted for here in the MTC. GOD IS WORKING HIS MIRACLES. We need to keep being faithful and trusting that God is way bigger then that tumor and can do anything. I am so, so happy about the good news.

Ben’s homecoming and Jaxon’s farewell sounded terrific! There’s an Elder here from Germany who, I’m not kidding, is an exact replica of Ben Furniss, so i think about him all the time. I'm glad Jax did good as well! I've been thinking and praying for him a lot. It's special that you got to be there. There’s an Elder in my District, Elder Lawson, who reminds me so much of Jax. I LOVE him. We've become way close. He played football for Davis and is just an awesome missionary.

This week got super boring. We do the same thing every day, day in and day out, so it gets really old really quick. I am lucky though to have the three best teachers in the MTC. Brother Hunter (from Scotland), Sister Barret (from Ireland), and Brother Rogow (From Germany). They are all so cool and over flowing with the Spirit. I have learned so much from them.

I feel as though I’m becoming a better teacher! Me and Elder McKinley are really doing well at teaching by the Spirit. Our fake investigators are doing well and we're so pumped because we get to teach a real investigator this week!

Me and my companion are doing great. We couldn’t be any less alike, but we have really become very close. I love him to death. Some days we are definitely on each other’s nerves, but those feelings subside quickly. I LOVE MY DISTRICT. Seriously they’re all the bomb. Being DL is the such a blessing. I love getting to be with my district.

We went to Manchester this week to street contact. SO SCARY, but still so cool. It was so hard at first but we got several referrals and lots of people seemed so interested. We handed out several BOM's and pamphlets. Couldn't even begin to explain how guided by the spirit we were.

I am a Football Fanatic (soccer to you Yankees). Brother Rogow gave us a cultural lesson this week and taught us all about the importance of Football in British culture. He says soccer here is like the equivalent of high school football in Texas...times 100. People won't carry on conversations with you if you don’t know your football squads hahahhah. My allegiance has been declared to Tottenham Hotspur FC!!!!!!!!! They're in London but sadly just outside my mission. Still my team though. It would be cool if next week you could send me a roster so me and the boys could get familiar with the players.

It's seriously the coolest sport. It really has so much to it, so many leagues, so much passion. I LOVE it. One of the Elders here, Elder Ortegren, played pro football in Denmark where he lived and actually got paid pretty good money. He’s a stud! We play every day outside in this little park on a MUGA (Multi Use Gaming Area). It’s like a basketball court and a futsal court combined. I’m getting good. :)

Overall I love it here in England. I love this place more than words can explain. It's becoming my second home, waking up to rain, talking with the people, the way of life, I LOVE IT ALL. Don't worry about me. England is treating me so well. I am well taken care of (physically and emotionally). I'm well fed, and most importantly I’m enriched with the Spirit more than I ever have been before. Life is GOOD!

I miss the family loads every day think about you from half six to half ten (I have to be obedient and go to bed 10:30). ;) I hope you are doing well. I love your emails and look forward to them so much every day. They brighten my hard days (yes even a missionary trying his best has hard days).


Elder Madsen

1. Everyone in the England MTC
2. Elder Rosenvall and I are twins
3. Me wearing everybody's rings


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