August 29, 2017


England MTC


Elder McKinley

I Made It! I'm a Missionary!

My first Mission Email! How are you? I miss you! I love you! This week was awesome! I have had so much fun. The flight was long, long, and long. But I made it to this beautiful place I now call home. I love it here! Everyone is so kind and loving. I've learned so much!

The MTC is awesome! I LOVE my district and my companion. We all get along so well. The food is yummy, they feed us well. Pres. and Sis. Bunker are so nice! There are people from all over Europe here. They actually outnumber the Americans. I LOVE IT. We talk all night about how different our upbringings were because of where we grew up.

My comp is Elder McKinley. We are really different. Hahaha. It's kind of hard, I won't lie, but I love him to death. I am District Leader. I oversee my awesome district and pretty much everything we do. There are nine of us in my district: 6 Elders (Me, Elder Mckinley, Elder Rosenvall, Elder Patillo, Elder Lawson, and Elder Jergensen) and 3 Sisters (Sister Reading, Sister Larsen, and Sister Beardsworth). We're all from UT except my comp, who is from Virginia, and Sister Beardsworth, who is from England.

This place is crazy spiritual, crazy awesome, and I’ve learned so much. I have LOTS of classes. I’ve been inviting a lot of people to read the Book of Mormon. I know it changes our lives when we do. Elder McKInley and I are doing well at teaching by the spirit. I love teaching. It’s the best part of my day.

People here are mean! Hahaha! I've been out of the MTC 4 Times to go to town, play soccer, etc., and I’ve been cussed at 7 times already. No one smiles. It’s awesome. That’s why I’m here…to bring them JOY!

I’m sorry, but I’m short on time. My dumb tablet won’t work so I’ve lost my email drafts a couple times. Tell everyone sorry if I can’t get to their emails this week. I will be able to for sure next week.

I miss you all so much. This is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done. But nothing is taking me from here. I love it way too much. I feel so at peace and at home here. I can tell I fit here and am meant to be here.

I love you all SOO MUCH and pray for you all day. I get your emails throughout the week and read them all day every day! Keep sending them please, I LOVE them! Please tell our extended family I love them! Make sure Norman knows i love him too! I love you!!!!!

Elder Madsen

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