June 27, 2018


Bristol City Centre


Elder Allen

The Milky Way

This week has been so crazy and so fun! Full of lots of good byes and "Welcome to Bristol!" Haha!

There was kinda a lot from this week so I'll just give some of the highlights.

I failed another driving test! Whoopie. Blasted roundabouts. I "took someone's right of way." It's ok though, I'm filled with charity. Offer up some prayers for me. I'm taking it for the third time on July 10th. I need all the prayers I can get haha.

Got to be near the temple this Tuesday! We had to travel there to do some switching of companions, but I always love being around the temple. The spirit I feel there is amazing.

Not a highlight, but said some more good byes this week. Dropped off Elder Butler, which was a tough goodbye. We've become so close the past three months, it was sad to say goodbye. Of course all the other boys were at the temple, a couple going home which is nuts. We bid our farewells and went on our ways!

Got the new comp Elder Allen! He's from Centerville. He's super sick! He's been out a transfer less than me. We put together this week that his family has a time share on our same precious house boat "The Milky Way"! Small world ehh? We'll get along well and see some miracles! I'm excited!

I studied Alma 37 (a couple times lol) this week. It talks about how Christ leads us to Eternal Bliss. It goes on to talk about how "through His words" we can feel that bliss and guidance in our lives now just as Nephi and his family did as they journeyed through the wilderness. I know that without a doubt. Anyone who seeks after Christ will find peace in this life and eternal bliss in the life to come. So grateful to have His words and be able to seek after Him always.

Love you all! Make this a week of being better! Do it for Him!

Love Elder Madsen


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