May 23, 2018


Bristol City Centre


Elder Butler

No Need To Fear

What a good week! Seriously I've never felt so amazing and happy in my life. Being a missionary is amazing. Actually it's not even that, it's being close to Christ that's amazing.

These past couple weeks I've tried A LOT to increase my faith in Christ, change my ways and live better, honor my covenants the best that I could, and strive to have the Spirit with me and HEED it's promptings. It's brought me so much peace and happiness. Any effort we make to come to him is received with blessings 10 fold.

Not much happened this week! We were able to have a sweet MLC in Epsom on Box Hill. It was high enough that we had an amazing view of England. As I sat and pondered, I felt so much gratitude to be where I am and included in the Lord's work. It's the greatest privilege I've ever had.

Moroni 7:33 has helped me out so much this week. When we put our faith in Christ he equips us with more power then we can imagine. That power gives us the strength to follow the path that leads us to him!

I love you all. Cheers for all you do for me and my family!

God is good! He's over all!

Elder I. C. Madsen

1. Henry got the priesthood this week! Love this guy!
2. MTC buds at MLC
3. Sickest guy Keith. Get to visit him in a home every week!
4. McSpadden


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