May 16, 2018


Bristol City Centre


Elder Butler

10 Baguettes

Another transfer down! Crazy how they're flying by! I get to stay in Bristol this transfer with Elder Butler! Super excited and blessed to be with him again!

This week was so crazy and so fun, it all went by so fast. We had interviews this week with our President and we decided to provide lunch. The best we could come up with was sandwiches...hahaha. We ended up buying ten baguettes and just throwing some meat and cheese on them. Score.

Skyping the family was amazing! It was so good to be able to see my beautiful mom, as well as my siblings and dad! My siblings and dad are looking older, and my mom’s looking younger than ever! I'm so grateful to my Savior for providing me a way to live with him and my family forever. This prospective brings me peace every single day.

Please, please, please read the Book of Mormon every day! Pray and converse with God! Be exactly obedient! Serve someone for him! You'll notice growth and blessings flow into your life like never before.

Love you all! I really miss authentic Mexican food!

Elder Madsen

P.S. Passed my driving theory test this week!
P.S.S. Doesn't even matter though, because me and Elder Butler got 5 tickets this week. That's not even a joke. Bus lanes are ridiculous.

1. Ashton Gate Stadium. Go Bristol City Football Club!
2. Cheers to the fam and the Bullocks for the parcel!
3. @Elder McSpadden
4. @Elder Bos


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