May 9, 2018


Bristol City Centre


Elder Butler

I Love My Mum

Well it's Mother’s Day this week, and never before has my heart been so full of gratitude for my precious mom! I have been thinking and reflecting so much the past couple days on the gift and blessing my mom has been to me.

Coincidently, this day happens to fall almost a year to the day after my families lives were thrown a curve ball with finding out my mom had cancer. I have truly learned so much from this hard experience, but mostly from my mom's flawless example of faith in her Savior.

From the day it happened I have never once heard my mom complain, or really even say anything bad about her situation that, frankly, gives her every reason to be mad at the world. I have heard her say time and time again how grateful she is to her Savior for having the perfect plan for her and my family.

I've also never sensed a doubt for even a moment from her that what is happening isn't God's plan for her. I've heard and seen her be grateful for this trial God has given us. For the opportunity it gives us to learn and grow.

I've learned from my mom what it means to lean on the Savior. Nowhere else can anyone find peace or solace in this life, especially like my mom does, without their Savior. As I've followed her amazing example and leaned on Him I have felt my life fill with nothing but peace and perspective.

I invite you today to follow the example of my beautiful mom. Lean on him, follow him. If you feel far from him, come a little closer. Serve as he did, read what he's taught, live as he would. I PROMISE you, as his representative, it will change your world.

I love you so much mom! Thank you for all you've done for me. Happy Mother’s Day!

I love you all! Thanks for the support and love you show me and my family. Shout out to the other "mothers" I have in my life that have so kindly and lovingly taken me in as their own!

Life is good! God is Great! I love my mission!

- Elder Madsen

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