April 11, 2018


Bristol City Centre


Elder Butler

Lamborghini Mercy

Already P day again. You blink and the next one is here. This week was full of some crack up times, and some miracles.

Elder Butler is sweet! He's seriously the sickest guy, I love him so much. We hit it off right from the start. We also decided to try to get in peak mid-season physical condition during this transfer. That lasted about two days. One night we found ourselves in our flat sitting on the floor with a jar of peanut butter and a jar of lemon curd (heavenly). Anything that was chocolaty was being dipped in the PB and devoured. Anything fruity had a one-way ticket to my belly, with a layover in the lemon curd jar. Elder Butler looked at me and, slightly broken, muttered "We've definitely hit rock bottom"… so we kept eating.

We saw some proper miracles as well. This Sunday we were trying sooo hard to have some of our investigators at church. We've been praying all week for some to come. Sunday came and they had all rejected or said no. We were determined to have one person at least. So, we called every member asking if they would bring someone. Nothing. Called 34 potential investigators – they all said no. The hour before church we went and contacted every living and breathing thing within a mile radius of the chapel. Nothing. So, feeling a little defeated, we walked into the back door of the chapel just in time to see someone we'd never met before walk through the front door. It was a Bulgarian lady who spoke barely any English, but just enough to say, "I'm from Bulgaria, I no English, I saw Jesus Christ, can I stay?" I felt the spirit so strong. God provides. In every situation he provides. He does it in a way that will be profound, meaningful, and significant to us. We could have pulled someone off the street into church, but nothing would have been quite like the miracle of Marianna just waltzing in after we'd spent hours trying to find just one person.

My mission, and especially this past week, has been very humbling for me. Through it all there is one constant – Christ. He brings hope strength and help. He's the difference. I'm so grateful he can take me as inadequate as I am and make me into something at least a little bit useful;) God lives! I love him!

I love you all!

£ Elder Madsen £


1. Somebody is out here lighting motorcycles on fire
2. Trying to figure out what that's a painting of while fillin’ up
3. Lamborghini Mercy
4. Forgot to pay my respects last week. Last comp pic with Elder McSpadden ;(


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