April 4, 2018


Bristol City Centre


Elder Butler


Hi family and friends! What a week! If you still read these letters, you da real MVP!

I had such a stellar week this week! Conference! Oh my days, so good. I loved every part of it. Every person that spoke brought a spirit that isn't felt anywhere else! God calls Prophets, Apostles, and servants to lead and guide us.

My favorite two talks were Larry Y Wilson’s, and President Nelson’s Sunday morning address. I loved how Larry Y Wilson said "Being spiritually self-reliant is seeking and receiving personal revelation." I loved how President Nelson focused on the same thing! I thought about how often I seek personal revelation. I've made it a goal to now seek, ask, and listen for God's guiding prompting daily. What a blessing to be able to receive guidance from the creator of all things!

Transfers came this week as well. Sadly, Elder McSpadden has moved to Portsmouth. He will be sorely missed. So many good times with that brother, and so much growth. RIP in Portsmouth.

My new companion is Elder Butler from Emery County Utah! (Go Dinos) He is way sick, I love him a ton! He's 6'7" which is sick haha. We actually played basketball against each other in a summer tourney before our Senior years (we won, hehe)! He's been out one transfer longer than me. I have the opportunity to train him as a Zone Leader. I pray he has the gift of learning by the spirit because I still have no idea how to be a Zone Leader lol. But he is amazing and we'll work well together!

Well I love you all! Same old here in Bristol, still the coolest city on earth! I'll finish by answering a couple questions LouDog (aka Lucas) asked me:

Q. What's the most beautiful part of England?
A. Tough question! All of England is beautiful. I think the prettiest places are either Bath, or Bristol. I LOVE driving from Bristol to Bath because you go straight through a bunch of meadows and hills and a forest… it's BEAUTIFUL.

Q. Who is my favorite friend to teach?
A. I love teaching everyone really. But my most favorite types of people are those who I can tell are really searching for the truth. There's also this family, the Snailhams. The two parents don’t make the best choices, so their kids don’t have a lot. We go by every couple of days and just play with the young boys, because they don't get any attention at home. It's really sad, but I love being with them.

God save the Queen! (even though they should have listened to King Mosiah and set up Chief Judges)

1. Teaching Elder Butler to Drive
2. Gotta love wall art in sketchy little malls
3. @Elder Smith


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