March 21, 2018


Bristol City Centre


Elder McSpadden


SUCH GREAT NEWS ABOUT MOM’s MRI RESULTS! I was so happy when I read that email, and I told Elder Mcspadden the news as we were driving, and he just patted me on the knee and said "That's the blessings of being on a mission!" I don't think for one second it's because of me, but I KNOW it is because of the faith of our Team Madsen squad. I'm so grateful to God for that. What can't he do?

Well I've been in Bristol for about a month now and I think I'm settled in quite nice. I absolutely love it here. The people, the experiences, the missionaries I'm around. Couldn't get any better. The fact that I get to spend every day in one of the coolest cities on earth, proclaiming the name of my absolute best friend is a dream come true.

Before I dive into my week I just have to say how amazing and life changing my mission has been. I've only been here for 7 months, and the person I was when I left, to who I am now is completely different. It's not because of my mission though, it's because of Christ. He's changed and molded me into something I could not make of myself as I’ve gone through trials, tests and challenges – all of which I'm so grateful for. I'm so thankful that God loves me enough to give me this special place on earth to help me, and others come to know His son more. I know God is trying to mold and shape you, I challenge you to let him!

Well now that I've already preached too much haha my week was amazing! We had a zone conference in Poole which was amazing. The mission officially has 14 weeks left, so we're hyped to give it all we have till the finish! Our zone released a new initiative in our mission called “Moroni Madness”, since it's like March Madness right now. The theme is "Who are you bringing to the dance?" But meaning like “Who are you bringing to Christ?” haha. Every companionship in the Mission (83) is trying to bring 2 souls to Christ in the next 14 weeks!

Marcus is doing amazing! Sadly church got cancelled this week because of snow, so he couldn't come, but the progression he's making is amazing! It's so amazing to be able to be part of his change and see the happiness that prayer and studying is bringing him. A couple days ago he had a moment where he noticed the change and joy this message had brought him. It was such a special moment. I love that guy.

We also met with a kid named Callum, who said he is a hard-core Atheist (we seem to only teach Atheist university students in Bristol – I LOVE it). He was prideful at first, but quickly humbled himself and said if he found our message to be true he'd be baptized! SO SICK! So pray for Callum and Marcus.

Elder McSpadden and I set some CRAZY goals this week for finding people. Usually every week we try to find 5 New friends (new people to teach), and talk to at least 20 people a day, so 140 a week. This week we set a goal to find 25 new friends and talk to 1000 people. We've found 14 people and talked to 508 (in two days)! We're seeing SOOOOO many miracles! God is leading this work. And people say England isn't receptive to religion ;)

If any of you want something life changing to study this week, go study D&C 121-123. Some of the best there is!

I love you all! God save the Queen!

Elder Isaac Christian Madsen the First
Nothern Somerset
England London South mission
Close to Kolob
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