March 7, 2018


Bristol City Centre


Elder McSpadden


Fam, friends what's up! We have been SOOO busy going here and there, doing this and that, and doing all we can to proclaim of Christ in the meantime. I can testify that if we are willing and wanting to share this message God WILL give you opportunities to share. Even in a busy, crazy, fast paced world where it seems like there's no time, God will bless you with moments of peace, and a person ready to come closer to Christ.

I fall more and more in love with missionary work every day. Bristol is a dream, I love it so much. There are tons of people. It's so bumping, like I just can't explain how much I love it. We have a couple people preparing for baptism right now which is really exciting!

Part of being a zone leader is making sure the zone is good in their faith, works, and obedience. So we spend a TON of time ministering to our zone, helping them improve and get better. It was kinda awkward at first helping out missionaries older than me, but I've seen that as I've prayed to feel true love and desire to help them, it's shown through my actions. It leads them to trust me way more and take my simple advice.

We also travel SOO much. I've been here for 9 days and we've already spent £250 in petrol hahaha. We've been in Bath, Weston-super-mare, Trowbridge, all over Bristol, and even out to London a couple times for meetings. All these things leave us NO time to work in our area. This is where it gets way sick......

This week we had only about 4 available hours to find and teach, with three people to teach. We had three lessons back to back to back in the same coffee shop, and now 2 are preparing to be baptized! We then left the shop and found a new friend! It's crazy how, because of our efforts to help others, God blessed us with miracles in the spare time we do have. There were a couple other times through the week where we had like 15 minutes, so we talk to one person and they're so willing to meet up. Such miracles.

Bristol is amazing. We are DEFINITELY coming back here some day! Look up Park Street, Broadmead, and Bristol University. It's where we spend the short time we have finding! BEAUTIFUL!

This next week will be crazy, we'll be in London for 3 days at leadership meetings, which will be loads of fun! I'm super excited! Just lots of traveling haha.

The saddest thing happened this week too, I seriously almost flipped out when it happened. We got home from a long day and I was freezing so I leaned against our heater... it burned 2 holes in my brand-new jacket.......... yah I know, I almost killed someone. Pray the shop will let me exchange it! Haha.

This week there was a huge snow fall (for England) that caused everything to shut down. It was sick though because all the Uni students got out of school, so the streets were packed! Snow ball fights, stuck cars, snowmen, all of it. It was pretty sweet.

This week I also got hit by a car...... my companion was driving. I was backing Elder McSpadden out, so I was standing between him and the car behind us. He must not have seen me or the car because he just backed up and smashed me between our car and the Range Rover behind us hahaha. It was legit so funny. I was like smashing the back window telling him to drive forward haha. We laughed for like a solid 30 minutes afterwards. It made my journal. Classic.

My mission is the best thing that ever happened to me. If you're debating serving, DO IT. More joy, fulfillment, growth, and happiness comes from serving the Lord than ANYTHING else.

I love each of you! More importantly Christ does too! Perfectly!

£ Elder Madsen £

1. Yeet, snow
2. Most posh hot chocolate break we've ever had.... It was free
3. Cheers to Elder McSpadden's selfie skills
4. It’s all about the numbers


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