February 28, 2018


Bristol City Centre


Elder McSpadden

I'm Bou'tha

Such a crazy week! We had transfers this week and I'm moving yet again after a short 6 weeks! I'm still in Bristol, but just to a new area within Bristol (Bristol City Centre) where I was called to be the Zone Leader. My new companion is Elder McSpadden from Pleasant Grove, and he’s so sick! We know a lot of the same people back home, he was already one of my way good mates, and now we're companions! It's so much fun I can’t explain!

I now have a car, my own phone, my own BATHROOM, and a TON more responsibility. Elder Tandiman was moved to the mission office, so now he's far away, and Elder Lawson got moved to Brighton, which is really sad. :( But he's a Zone leader too, so we'll see each other at tons of meetings.

So the distance from my old area and new area is only a couple miles. My new area (Bristol City Centre) borders my old area (Downend) and is WAYYYY bigger, and more bumping! It's the second biggest city in the mission after London. Dream come true! I honestly would have picked the exact calling and location I'm in if I could have! What a blessing!

We spent a lot of time driving missionaries from place to place this week, and getting settled into a new area. The highlight though, was with all the downtime in the car, I learned how to solve a rubix cube! I’m bou'tha! (I'm about that) haha.

Things are on fire here in Bristol! It's so fun to be in an area of the world seeing God's hand so many times a day. The gathering of Israel is such a miracle and it is such an honor to be apart of it!

Had to say some sad goodbyes to some missionaries this week, but it's awesome to see how God orchestrates people to be in different places to help certain people, learn certain lessons, or grow in different ways! I'm so excited to see what's ahead on my mission.

God is good! Much love!

£ Elder Madsen £

P.S. Welcome to the world to my new cousin Josie Danielle! Love that little girl already!

P.S.S Congrats to my cousins Nick and Danielle Mason on their wedding this week!

1. Goodbye, Elder Tandiman. Off to the office!
2. Chucked it down yesterday (it snowed yesterday)
3. Have fun in Crawley Mate @HaydenJeremyLawson


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