January 31, 2018


Downend Bristol


Elder Tandiman

Ginger Beer and The Rugby Boys

Another week down! Can't believe January's come and gone. Times flying! Sometimes I think it needs to slow down a little! This week was so sweet! One of the biggest blessings was that I was able to drink 17.5 cans of ginger beer in a three day stretch . The stuff is heavenly, seriously. I was on a Vimto kick at the beginning of my mission. I would take ginger beer any day now.

The people in Bristol are so crazy, but it’s such an amazing place! We meet some really nice people, and some really rude people. It's fun both ways. There are many different people from all over the world here! Like hardly anybody speaks English at all, especially in the city center of Bristol. I talked about Jamaicans last week, but I think there are more Romanians and Bulgarians than anything else! SOOO many! And we can't understand any of them. It's hilarious. I love this city so much though.

The Rugby Boys. :) Elder Tandiman and I were talking about this glue in the Philippines called Rugby, and he told me about this gang called the Rugby Boys that always use the glue to get high. I thought the name was hilarious. I've been using it in any situation I could since then.

This week I have come to love the doctrine that God has given us. Both through scripture and modern prophets. I LOVE the fact that God has given us such unchanging ways to get back to Him. The fact that we can have a SURE knowledge of what this life is about, what we have the potential to become, and how to get there. The knowledge we have that NO mistake is permanent, that NO death is forever, and the perspective we have on eternity. It's such a huge blessing. I love knowing that my Savior is unchanging. That because of the covenants I've made, I'm bound with him. That since the beginning of time all he's wanted is for me to be at home with Him, and that he's given me every knowledge I could possibly need to get there. He's given me SOOO much perspective and depth on his plan, yet I stray from it so often. I'm so grateful for the ability to realize, change, and try again.

I LOVE my Savior so deeply. I know he's always with me. Helping me in every way that I'll let Him. I love Him.

I feel like I always get so preachy at the end of my emails haha. But it's just so true and burns within me! If you don't feel it sometimes, get in the BOM, offer a sincere prayer, and ask God to let you feel it! If you're sincere he'll bless you!

I thought I’d close this week by answering some questions that my little big brother Lucas asked me.

What is your favorite food in Bristol? – My fav food here is currently ginger beer, and these sweets called Finos (they’re like rainbow Cow Tails, but way better and fruity), and Malaysian curry. So good.

Do you ever wish you were home? – To be honest, no! I think in the first couple months I wanted to be home big time, but I didn't understand then how amazing this thing is that I'm doing. My testimony also wasn't as strong then as it is now. God has given me growth, little by little, as I've done loads to try to get closer to him. Lucas, missions are the hardest things ever, but sooo sooo rewarding and amazing. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Do you get to play Church Ball? – Sadly, there is no such thing as Church Ball here. People here don't play basketball at all. It's quite sad.

Well that's all for this week I guess. You guys won't want to miss next week's email! It's going to be crazy. Until then I'll leave you on the edge of your seats!

I love you guys!

£ Elder Madsen £

1. THE REUNION. Missed this guy
2. Bristol ♡
3. I don't know what the giant white thing is on my forehead
4. Weekly Planning + Kebab = SOLID
(Could of used a ginger beer TBH)


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