January 17, 2018


Downend Bristol


Elder Tandiman

Straight Outta Bristol

Heyo fam and friends!

I'm coming to you live this week from Downend, Bristol! We had transfers this past week and I got the call to move out West! It was super unexpected, but I'm loving it so far! I've also been called as District Leader, which was a surprise, but it's bringing new opportunities to learn and grow!

Bristol and Hastings are way different. I was so surprised when I first got here. The people, the city, the transport, the flat…all of it is so different it’s crazy.

I feel like, besides that big change, nothing else really happened this week. It was hard leaving Hastings, there are so many people and places and especially missionaries there that I loved so much. As I was packing up and thinking about all the experiences I'd had I just felt very grateful. Hastings was a place that I really came so close to my Savior. It'll be one of my favorite places forever because of that. But I'm so looking forward to the growth that'll come here!

My new companion is Elder Tandiman. He’s from the Philippines. He is so cool, and he's super soft spoken. He reminds me of my cousin Ryan. I love him. We were in the MTC together, so he has been out just as long as I have. We're both still fresh, but we get along well and are focused on WORKING HARD! It will be a blast.

I know that God gives us change to help us grow. I've thought a lot about how we often grow through repenting, which, in other words, is really just change. Change = new opportunities for growth. It is never easy, but whatever change we make, if it's centered around our Savior, it will bring us closer to Him. I know Christ lives and that He loves me. I love Him.......a ton. hehe.

Till next week!
£ Elder Madsen £

P.S. God answers prayers........ Elder Lawson and I are now in the same zone.

1. Goodbye Hastings........
2. Hello Bristol (like the set up?)
3. I am loving Elder Tandiman’s Filipino cooking 😍
4. Goodbyes with the Meacham’s


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