January 3, 2018




Elder Tokoragi

I Threw Up 14 Times This Week

Well, quick disclaimer, the title of this email is false. I didn't throw up once this week. Just thought it might grab your attention. Haha.

Happy New Year! Crazy to think that it's already 2018. 2017 brought so much goodness, change, learning, and growth. I hope that 2018 brings the same. It'll be the only year of my life completely devoted to doing my best to share the amazing message of this gospel here in England. My blackout year! I'm so excited. I can’t think of a better way to spend the year than devoted to my Savior.

This week was very normal. Not much special happened, just the same old as usual. That makes it sound boring and repetitive, but bear in mind that this "same old" thing is the biggest privilege I've ever had. Sharing the gospel every day is so amazing. It brings a spirit that nothing else does.

Something fun we got to do this week was go to a member’s house a couple days after Christmas to have dinner with him. He had the most Christmas decorations I've ever seen. Like no joke, probably around 500 inside his flat. Maybe even more. After we ate we talked for three hours. That wasn't a typo… three hours… we talked about his Christmas decorations hahaha. I drank three sodas and had two bathroom breaks during that time. He just had a lot to explain, he's such a sweet man.

God is so good everyone! He is there in the tough times. This week was somewhat difficult and to be able to turn to my Heavenly Father and feel peace was such an immense blessing. I love my Savior. I love, and am SO GRATEFUL for his ability to "succor" me, especially in times of weakness and trial. Satan is always working hard on us, but all it takes is one prayer to kick him out. The hard moments give us a chance to lean on God. I'm grateful for the hard times that help me grow closer to my Savior.

Happy New Year! I love you all!

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1. Yeah, the Christmas house
2. Proud of this curry I made
3. Lol…Thug


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