December 13, 2017




Elder Tokoragi

Let the Cold Days Begin

Well the cold is officially setting in here in England! We're talking thermals, jumpers (aka sweaters), coats, hats, scarves, gloves, double socks… the whole lot. Then it's still chilly. Ha! I sometimes find myself, especially when there is nobody on the streets (which is pretty often), just letting out a loud yell like I am about to run into battle or something. It always warms and pumps me up pretty good. I just wonder what other people think when they hear it haha!

This week was so good! God is so real y'all. He is SO aware of us and every step we make. This week we spent pretty much every day with our friend, Stewart. I've never met a more solid guy. We met him last Monday and he is preparing for baptism next Saturday! He has been so willing to give up EVERYTHING to please the Lord! It's really made me think, "What am I willing to give up, or start doing to please the Lord more?" Stewart has already changed so much. His hard situation hasn't been solved, but his life is being changed through Christ! He is so much happier! It has been so amazing to be part of such a change for someone! Pray for Stewart and his upcoming baptism!

I did a lot of study in first Nephi this week and had one huge theme stick out to me. Attitude is EVERYTHING! Think of Nephi compared to Laman and Lemuel. They were in the same place, making the same journey, having the same trials, the same blessings, the same opportunities, yet their experiences were SO different. Nephi often reflects on how "Blessed and happy" he is and Laman and Lemuel are always murmuring. Because of this simple difference in attitude Nephi is able to rely and trust in the Lord so much more! His weaknesses become strengths and his trials become blessings!

How are our attitudes? Are we like Nephi? Willing to love and embrace the cold hard days with a positive assurance and knowledge that the Lord will provide good days? Or are we so quick to give up like Laman and Lemuel that we cut ourselves off from the multitude of blessings that await us?

I challenge you to change your attitude! If it's bad, make it good! If it's good, make it better! I love you all so much and know God will help you through even the hardest days if we only let him! He's so real, he's so ready, he's so willing. His arms are opened so wide ready to embrace his children. We are so precious to Him! His mercy can overcome any little road block puny little Satan could try to throw in our way! This time of year, where everything is centered on Him, give Him the gift of yourself! "Come unto Him and offer your whole soul!" Sorry I just went straight up missionary mode, but I just love my Savior. He has made me so happy. He will make you feel the same!

Well I love you all so much. Pray for some sun over here in England. Actually, don't. I need the cold. Stewart told me it will "Put hair on my chest" haha! I’m going to come home looking like a grizzly bear.

I love you! So does the Savior!

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