December 6, 2017




Elder Tokoragi

I Miss the Sun!

Well it gets dark here at what seems like 12 noon, which makes it feel like we should be going to bed at lunch time. It also means I am now as pale as count Dracula! Haha! I noticed when I got here to England that EVERYBODY’S hands were pale and clammy.... NOW MY HANDS ARE PALE AND CLAMMY. Such a vain thing for me to be worried about, but has anyone ever tried to spray tan their hands before? I love my mission so much.

This week has been super awesome! It seemed like it was 47 seconds long! We had transfers this week and I'm staying in Hastings with Elder T! Wahoo! I love it so much here. I feel so comfortable, I don't know what I'd do if they moved either of us! Just want to give a good luck shout out to my mate, Elder Patillo, who got shipped out to Guernsey this transfer. Also to Elder Lawson, who sadly is still on the other side of the mission :( At least another 6 weeks until we're reunited.

I have grown to LOVE Tuesday mornings here on my mission. Tuesday mornings I wake up to about 30 emails in my mail box from Elders all over the world. Some of my friends are in Scotland, Brazil, Uganda, England (best place on Earth!) Bolivia, Spain, Washington DC, New York, Honduras, Arkansas, Alabama, Missouri, Peru, Wisconsin, Canada, and Hong Kong! ALL over. Yet no matter where they are, I am filled with the spirit that their missionary work brings! It gives me such an amazing reminder of God’s incredible love, wisdom, and power. He takes nervous little boys/girls and makes them into confident, diligent, humble men/women! Thinking of all of us and the immature kids we were less than a year ago, and to now picture the instruments we are in God’s hands has been so cool for me to see! God is so real, He will change your world if you only let Him!

My favorite brother, Lucas, asked me a great question this week and I want to share the answer with all of you. He asked, “How can you be like Jesus when you aren't feeling the Spirit?"

SUCH A GOOD QUESTION! That’s something I'm working on every day…every day, and it is SO essential. First thing I would say is that you are PROMISED by God when you are baptized to ALWAYS have the Spirit with you. Always, always, always. If we always remember Him, take His name upon us, and keep His commandments. These are all very similar! If you can even do your best to remember Christ, just to think of Him, you'll have the Spirit! God has promised you that. By remembering him, you will make choices that bring the Spirit. Choices like praying, reading the scriptures, singing a hymn, or standing up for what's right. These choices will only bring MORE of His Spirit. Then, little by little, by making these choices that come from just REMEMBERING Him, without even realizing it, we will be overflowing with His Spirit. Others will see it and want to be more like you. That is just how a mission is too. Trying to be the best you can, so others who aren't always choosing the right can see Christ through you! So, to make this huge response short, do your best to just remember Christ ALWAYS and God will see that effort and bless you immensely. He loves you so much!

There is nothing better than being the Lord's servant. It has molded me and changed me in so many ways; I will cherish and love this experience forever. God wants to help you. All we have to do is reach out, and do our best to show Him we are trying. The Savior will scoop you up and do all He can to make your life into the blessing it has the potential of becoming. Let Him mold you! It will do nothing but place you on the path God intends you to be on. If he leads you to it, he'll help you through it! I love you all so much!


Elder Isaac Christian Madsen the First.

P.S. Good Luck to Elder Bingham who heads out to Brazil this week! Go kill them with that smile bing bong!
P.P.S #Lighttheworld is here! Give all you can for the Savior, Woo hoo!
P.P.P.S Sorry if I don't get back to your email today! Super short on time!
P.P.P.P.S. World record for P.S.'s in one letter! YES!


1. Ahh, Parker Road. One road, 2 seconds from our flat, 450 doors… a Missionary’s dream
2. Finished this gem this week. So true it's crazy. READ IT! IT'LL CHANGE YOUR WORLD!
3. Back in our glory days @ElderLawson
4. A member made us hats. Makes my head look tiny!


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