November 22, 2017




Elder Tokoragi


"You what, mate?"

That's my newest saying. It goes to pretty much anything surprisingly, and I can nail the accent on it that's why I like it HA!

I'm jealous you get Thanksgiving this week. We don't have that here. I hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving. Eat tons of sweet potatoes and watch some football for me!

Transfers will happen in several weeks. If I stay in Hastings, there's a chance I'll be here for a couple more transfers. If I move to a new area, I'll be there for a while as well, so I'm expecting to stay put wherever I end up! I think there will be a lot of fun changes in the mission too (New APs, ZLs, etc.). Its exciting for me! Whatever happens, I'll love it!

Another pretty solid week here in Hastings. I feel like nothing super exciting happened that I have to share. The most exciting thing that happened this week was that we stayed in Maidstone from Thursday to Sunday . We had exchanges on Thursday and Friday, and had Stake Conference on Saturday and Sunday. It was fun to be somewhere different, but I missed Hastings ;)

We had a hard week with all of our friends. Most of them flogged (canceled) on us, and it was again super frustrating. We prayed really hard to be able to find people who wanted to listen. Tuesday night we looked through our area book and were able to call and make appointments with 9 new friends! Such a miracle! We are praying that some can be solid! You can pray for them too!

Even though I was discouraged this week I couldn't help but be so happy. Every morning I listen to Called to Serve and am so overwhelmed with the Spirit, and grateful to be a missionary! It is the most amazing calling on earth. There is nothing I would rather be doing than proclaiming the joy that comes from the Savior! It makes me happier then anything could! I love the Lord!

Until next week,
Elder M

1. At a cafe with Andrew (Best hot chocolate ever)
2. Kim shaved her head for cancer! Raised £120! She's the best!
3. Mission life £££
4. Hastings is beautiful
5. Hastings Town Centre
6. I made French Toast!
7. Flats in Hastings
8. Cool view of Hastings


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