November 15, 2017




Elder Tokoragi

Scripture Power!

Hello family and friends!

It has been a pretty regular week here in Hastings! Me and Elder T are working hard. We listen to “Scripture Power” every morning sung by a children’s choir. At first the song got on my nerves big time, but now I love it! I know we are blessed with POWER as we read that book!

God must have read my email last week and knew I needed some humility haha! We lost all our new friends that had set a baptismal date. It is super frustrating because we’re trying to reach a goal of 280 baptisms as a mission by the time we go to the temple for Christmas (Dec 16). We are so close. Elder T and I are trying to do all we can to bring one more person to Christ, but they have all said they don’t want to hear any more.

It has been a couple of trying days for us, but I've seen that God, as we try to be better and rely on him, helps us to have good attitudes and be optimistic always! Happiness is a choice! We can choose to be happy regardless of our situation. I love the Spirit I feel as I choose to be happy.

Next Tuesday is my beautiful Mums Birthday! I just wanted to express my love for her here. No single person, besides my Savior, has impacted me as greatly or deeply as she has! She has taught me how to work hard, be patient, and love ALL that I come in contact with. I invite each of you to tell your mother how much you love her. Thank her for the love and sacrifices she's made for you. I sure love my Mum! Happy Birthday!

My Dad asked me some more questions that I'll respond to here.

Question: What kind of meals do you make at home?
Answer: A lot of pasta, frozen chips (fries), and chicken.

Question: Do you always make quick meals, or do you ever have time to prepare something nice?
Answer: ALWAYS quick. Very, very, quick. We have like 0 time to cook so they're always simple and easy.

Question: How often would you say you get invited to someone's home for a meal?
Answer: On a good week, we get two or three. This week we only have 1. There is one family who feeds us every week, so we usually have at least 1.

Question: Have you been fed anything you had to choke down?
Answer: Actually, not really. One family gave us some sausages that were just like mush (that was nasty), but it's all been good besides that!

Question: Besides Kebabs what's been your favorite meal/food?
Answer: I love roast dinners. Just a ton of veggies, potatoes, gravy, some chicken or pork, and yorkshire puddings. Sooooo yummy.

Question: How bad are the Brits teeth (for real)? Or is it over exaggerated?
Answer: HA! Not an exaggeration. Sadly, most people's teeth really are awful. There's a few that aren't bad, but pretty much everybody’s are horrible. :)

Question: Do people comment on your teeth?
Answer: Sometimes. Not often. I'll say like "I'm from America" and they'll say "AHH...shoulda guessed by the white teeth!" But besides that, not really.

I hope you all have an awesome week! Pray and read your scriptures! I love you all!

Elder Madsen

P.S. Congrats to Lehi and Skyridge football! Two schools in the championship from one city! Flippin sick!

1. De La Warr Pavilion at Bexhill
2. Sunset at Bexhill
2. On the boardwalk at Bexhill enjoying the sunset


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