November 8, 2017




Elder Tokoragi


Well another week gone! This was the fastest so far, and also probably the best! God blesses you when you give him everything you have!

To explain the email title, “Y’alright” is this term British people say all the time and for basically anything. They're saying, "are you alright" but it comes out as "y'alright", or sometimes even "yaalrhtjrh". I have picked it up without realizing it. When I noticed myself saying it I was so proud of myself. I’ve also picked up “flipping heck”, “cheers”, “mate”, “oh my days”, and some other weird stuff. You could say I'm speaking "Brit" now. Sadly, the accent hasn't followed... yet ;)

This week was awesome! Elder T and I made some pretty huge goals to improve this week, and work as hard as we possibly could. We decided to give every second of our day, and every ounce of energy we had to the Lord in hard work and obedience. Boy did it pay off. We had a goal of finding 3 new friends, and we only found one, BUT we were so happy and cheerful and feeling the Spirit so much because we felt that God was proud of us for giving all we could. That feeling is just as amazing as reaching our numerical or physical goals. After Sunday, we restarted with the same goal of 3 new friends and found five on the first day! Miracle! God blessed us for doing our best!

I challenge all of you to give everything to the Savior, whether that's working harder, being kinder, giving up a bad habit, etc. Do it for the Savior because you love Him! He'll bless you!

I love you all, I love the Lord. Missions are so flipping sick. Talk to you all soon!

Love Elder M


1. Mighty Maidstone our zone! Yup I'm the tallest.
2. View of our back garden

1. Prepping for baptism (2 weeks ago)

2. Makeshift hoop on carpet floor


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