October 25, 2017




Elder Tokoragi

Prepping for Baptism!

There is NO concept of time as a missionary. I'm sure that has to be doctrine somewhere. But it's been the FASTEST two months ever. At the same time, time has never moved so SLOW! Regardless I love every second. I have already changed and grown so much. A mission really forces you to move outside of your comfort zone. I have had to take on so much responsibility. I’m pretty much running the entire Hastings Ward. :) It's way fun actually.

Halloween time! England sadly doesn’t get as into Halloween as we do. They have Guy Fawkes Day instead of Halloween (weirdest holiday ever, look it up). They still kind of celebrate it, but not like we Americans celebrate Halloween.

My week was so awesome! Kim and Sky (our investigators who are getting baptized) had their Bishop interview and it went great! They're ready to be baptized this Saturday!

We also met two new friends, Andrew and Charmaine. They accepted our invitation to be baptized! How cool huh! Four baptisms in 6 Weeks! God is helping us so much! We're putting all our trust in him and he's making it happen. Besides the amazing experiences with our investigators, our week was pretty normal. Lots of study and talking to people. I loved it!

My Dad asked me a bunch of questions that I thought you'd all like to hear the response to! So here you go!

QUESTION: How are my investigators?
ANSWER: They're doing very well. Our four main investigators are Kim, Sky, Andrew and Charmaine and they're all progressing so well!

QUESTION: What has the Spirit taught me about myself?
ANSWER: I pray often that the Spirit will teach me about myself, about my potential and where I can improve, and he does every time I ask. He's helped me see that I need to gain my own testimony and not rely on others. He's helped me see that I'm patient and can endure well when I rely on Christ! He's also taught me that I am capable of feeling the Spirit and acting on it, which gives me so much confidence.

QUESTION: Have we had any splits? How'd they go?
ANSWER: We've had two. I've been with Elder Hogg and Elder Moorcraft. They're so solid, I love them. I learn a ton whenever I get the opportunity to go with them. It's so much fun.

QUESTION: What's the rudest thing anyone has said to me?
ANSWER: HAHAHA! What haven’t they said ;) People love to drive by us and swear at us and it makes me jump in the air when I’m not expecting it. Elder T loves to tease me about that hahaha. One guy also told me that he would never join a church with people as ugly as us HAHA! He was also drunk.

QUESTION: What's my favorite thing about my area besides the people?
ANSWER: Hard question for sure. I love the town center. It's so cool just to see so many people from so many different places in one spot. I also LOVE the seafront with all my heart.

QUESTION: What's the coolest thing about England that's different from the U.S.?
ANSWER: Children with English accents and the rain-like moisture. The rain doesn’t fall hard, it's just like a water mister spraying all over. It feels so nice when you're walking all day.

I love and miss you all so so much. Thank you to everyone who’s writing and supporting me!

Elder Madsen

1. Dinner with our fav member, Transito
2. Looks like we're out past curfew, but it was only 7pm
3. Kim's son, Vivi. LOOK HOW CUTE HE IS!
4. I wasn't going to spill on myself in front of a member.


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