October 4, 2017




Elder Tokoragi

Conference Weekend and Baptism

Morning Mates!

I don't have a ton of time, but just wanted to share how amazing this week was!

Conference was SUCH a blessing, as I'm sure it was for many of you as well. I'm convinced so many of the talks were written for me! Elder Christofferson’s and Elder Hallstrom’s talks were so inspiring! I loved hearing from Elder Christofferson that our sacrifice and service make us holy. I loved that. I am sacrificing and serving daily and all I hope is to become more converted. It was such a blessing to hear from the mouth of a prophet the promise that I will be. I can feel it daily as I do my best to come unto Christ.

Our investigator, Kim, accepted to be baptized on the 28th of October! So exciting! Her first lesson ever was my second day in the field. It's been so cool to see her progress and her testimony grow. She's had the hardest life ever and it is so amazing to know that these decisions she's making will change her world for eternity! She has 3 adorable little kids whose lives will forever be better because of this message their mom was willing to accept. Your prayers would be so good for her as she moves forward!

Nothing else really happened this week. We went to get on the bus the other day to go to another part of our area. I went to hand the driver my change. We didn't have a clean hand-off and the coins fell everywhere. Hahaha. My £3.60 was lost so he made us get off the bus. On our walk, I was certain that the size of my calves would triple. Sadly, not the case. Gotta love Hastings.

I hope you've all had a good week! Pray for someone this week that you haven't in the past. Wish well on someone that wronged you! Pray for your enemies! Do good to them that despitefully use you! You'll be filled with charity! God lives!

Elder Madsen

1. Riding the bus
2. Home sweet home
3. Elder T and me
4. Cooking breakfast for Conference


(Disclaimer - I don't have access to YouTube! My dad uploads my videos there for convenience)


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