September 27, 2017




Elder Tokoragi

Unneeded Nacho Libre


Hope all your weeks were fantastic! I had a good week this week! Hastings is beautiful! Like so picturesque and beautiful, yet very ghetto at the same time. We have some places that feel like Highland UT, and others that feel like inner city Detroit (that’s where our flat is haha!) This area is MASSIVE. Like there is no way we could cover the whole area in the time we are here. If you’re ever curious what I'm doing at any specific time of the day, I'm walking! hehe. Either that or sleeping. I love it. Kind of fun because we meet new people every day.

The ward is beyond anything I could have ever dreamed of. They are so sweet and kind and very welcoming to me. We are fed often and taken care of. It has also been amazing weather. I am loving it!

This week I was on a Nacho Libre quoting spree. I can't explain it, but a quote from that movie fit with everything we were doing. I was dying. After about my ninth joke I realized Elder T wasn't laughing at any of them. I asked why?.... he hasn't seen it. I continued to laugh at myself anyways. He's the best. We are getting along really well, and he's doing awesome at teaching me a lot. He's teaching me French and I'm teaching him English hahaha.

I broke a member’s chair this week! In their home! Awesome! I sat down at the dinner table and just kept descending until I found myself on the floor surrounded by scattered chair rubble. Elder T had a laughing fit. The members didn't think it was so funny. I almost pulled the table over on myself trying to stand up. I guess I need to shed a couple stones.

The work was really fun this week. So discouraging, but fun in a strange way. It is so hard to have this message that I feel so passionately about, but not be able to share it at times. Like I KNOW it can change their lives but they don't care to hear. I was very sad and discouraged the other day, so I prayed pretty hard in the middle of a street and just felt so strongly that I was needed here in Hastings. It was so comforting and peaceful.

Elder Tokoragi and I love this work! God helps us daily. He will help you too. He knows you. Don't ever forget. Do something selfless and kind for someone this week. Do it because you love God and you love your neighbor. Don't expect a reward. Just be kind! I love you all a lot!

Elder Madsen

1. The flat, due to popular demand
2. Our study room, yes card board book cases.
3. Check out the ninth word of D&C 4:4. Get it?


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