October 4, 2016




Elder McCracken

There is a Chill in the air

Hola mi hijo!
Loved your letter last week! Sounds like you are doing great and growing stronger in the Gospel by leaps and bounds and its exciting to read the experiences you are having. I am just wondering how Caputo would be grading your letters without capitalization anywhere in your writing! Its all good.
We have a couple of questions for you before we can mail your requests.
First, what size sweaters do you want me to order?
Second, did you save all the info on your phone to the icloud chip?
Third and final, how is the laundry detail going? jk
Sea Hawkes won last game against 49ers (thank goodness) and Wilson was out a few plays for another ankle injury on other ankle but back up Qback did good. They actually looked like the team that went to the Super Bowl. Did awesome!
The weather here has finally started to drop down into the 90's and 80's with night getting down into the 60's so your dad is a happy camper. Cameron has returned from Idaho and staying with us again until he finds a place so I don't think it will be too long. Its been so quiet at the house your dad sits down and falls asleep pretty fast.
We might be going to Idaho this weekend since we have to be in Kemmer Wy for Asher's court date on Monday. Excited to see Chalae and Jason and Easton again. He is getting to be a rolly polly boy. We will let you know how that all goes down.
Everything else is same same and I know your fan mail is probably pretty long so I will keep mine short. . .this time.
You are awesome, I still love ya, and can't wait to get your next email.
I look forward to that more than Project Runway or the Bachelor so that's saying something for your emails!!!!!!!! jk, no but seriously


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