September 27, 2016




Elder McCracken

week 2 in the books

Hey Mom and Dad,
to start off thank you for your guys' love and support! dad i really appreciated the talk you sent me! i was going to tell you guys about Dear Elder but it sounds like you already found that out! for everyone else its a website that you can email and they will print off the email and put it in my daily mail that i will get! i am also able to check emails throughout the week just cant respond to any, so if anyone needs to tell me something they can and i will see it!

thats so awesome to hear about the family! ive been praying a lot for you guys! and be sure to tell taibree and asher i love them and give them an extra big hug for me when you see them next! also mom my sweaters would be a large, vneck to have preference so you can still see my tie. also a nose hair trimmer would be nice my fathers son.

well to tell you about my week...its been an exciting yet boring week! the days drag on but the weeks go by fast! cant beleive we are working on our 3rd already...yet it seems like ive been here FOREVER! Me and my companion are still getting along well, him being a young 18 year old means we have had to have our little talk on how missionary work isnt just this say our payers and get taken over by angels experience! haha but at the same time, if enough work is put in then thats kind of exactly what happens! mom the food here is hit or miss.. and i deffinitely miss your cooking! even the burnt stuff! ;)

also im glad to hear the seahawks are doing good! bout time! injuries arent good but theyre in my prayers so im sure theyll do fine! haha also how is ASU doing? and i also wouldnt complain if you want to send me all the scores and stuff each week of the NFL and college games. there was an elder here that would have them sent to him so he would print them off and show everyone. wink ya!

a couple of the exciting things that have happened this week, as i told you last time i have been made district leader! and after our last email i really prayed about how i could best help them, and for guidance on how i can best lead them. i recieved the answer to give them all blessings of comfort! so i went to our president (president Price and his wife who are AMAZING) just to make sure that was okay, and he said that was my answer and there is a reason im leading the district and to 100% act on it. so i was able to give all the sisters blessings and then the companionships did each other and there was a powerful spirit there. and everyone definitlely had a peace about them, it was awesome! we also have devotionals every sunday and tuesday and they are awesome! i could sit here and quote them all day but i wont do that. maybe next time ;) so this last sunday i get pulled into a room with our presidency to be told that im being released as a district leader and that the leadership needs to be elsewhere in our district... and i was like okay well that sucks! haha it was a fun week while i had it ya know? but then they informed me that they wanted to make me and my companion zone leaders! which is kind of crazy! he said they dont usually have zone leaders who are only in their 2nd week! kind of crazy huh! ive been thanking the lord for these opportunitys to grow and i guess i need to stop doing that haha. im going to have to help my companion with his leadership skills as well... so this could get interesting! but the lord has a plan for me and i need to do better with putting my trust in him. i have felt myself getting closer to the spirit and having his helping hand in my life more!

been reading a lot in Alma 26 lately! and those scriptures are amazing! i would suggest to everyone to study them! the strength that Ammon had! much needed this week! we finished our lessons with ANA which ended up better than it started! but we started our TRC lessons this week which some are actual investigators... nerve wracking!! haha but we had our first lesson and it went really well! her name is Nyeli and we were able to talk with her a lot and it seemed like a good comfortable conversation which kind of kept us from our lesson but its good to have that comfortable feeling for when we get on that spiritual level you know what i mean?! haha

my spanish is coming a long a lot better! im understanding a lot more, still struggling with speaking a little, and really trusting the lord to put words in my mouth! but its getting there! im also learning a lot more about the gospel and getting closer to the spirit! its been amazing
im getting on pretty early this morning (doing laundry) but ill get on again a little later for a little bit! love you all and the strength you give me is a huge blessing!!


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