September 20, 2016




Elder McCracken

Made it to the CCM


well i made it to p-day in the CCM (spanish for MTC) been a... humbling experience so far. my companion is Elder McCracken from burley idaho going to argentina as well! just a different mission. we definitely have different views on things, he is young, and he is a little different haha but i know he is with me for a reason. pretty much all the guys in his family served spanish speaking so he understands and speaks more then the district, and hes very gospel smart! one downfall of that is he isnt the most humble and lets his big head shine from time to time! but we both have similar personalities and ive been able to humble him a little, so the steps are coming my friends! my district is made up of 6 elders and 4 hermanas! 5 of us are from idaho and 4 are going to Argentina! as i said before i have some pretty exciting news... i have been made district leader! cant wait for the opportunity to help our district grow and progress! our teachers have all commented that they think we are doing better with our spanish then a lot of the classes that have been here for longer so thats good! and the other day in class we had a great lesson/testimony meeting in class. the spirit was so strong i could cut it with a knife!

there have definitely been some ups and downs since arriving here, my spanish is coming along and im learning more about the gospel but i feel as though ive distanced myself from the spirit from the past and im still trying to get it back in my life! its one thing i was working really hard on leading up to my mission and ive come a long ways but still have a ways to go... we watched a talk that Elder Bednar gave to the mtc years ago called the Character of Christ and let me just say. it was SO AMAZING. they only show it to the missionaries or else i would recommend it to everyone! but he talks about how we need to adopt the characters of christ into our lives! it was such a powerful talk and did feel the spirit so strong in that meeting! and starting day 3 we had to start giving lessons to acters that come in and act like investigators! and its all in spanish... yeah i was crapping bricks right?! the first and second lesson i didnt say a whole lot and elder mccracken pretty much talked the whole time. neither went over well. she was bored and not connected at all. they were supposed to be 15-20 minutes long and ours were both 45... it was bad. and we didnt "plan" a lesson because he wanted to let the spirit guide. so post 2nd lesson and before our planning our third i sat down and talked to him and had a lil come to jesus moment where i told him we cant JUST be led by the spirit and that we need to plan our lesson out and then the spirit will guide us, oh and that i might need to be involved eventually! we definitely planned it better and i bore my testimony at the end, even though i had to read a lot of it because i am not fluent (another eye roll) the spirit was there and i could tell she was way more into our lesson! and it was only about a 12min lesson this time so way better! we are continuing to improve and grow! excited to see what the future holds!

im definintely in here with a bunch of young kids.. (eye roll)...but its been super fun! our floor in our building has ugly tie drafts every so often where everyone puts in an ugly tie into one box and their nameplate in the other and when they draw your name you have 10seconds to run up and grab a tie out of the box (being held in the air so you cant see) and everyone cheers for the ugliest tie, and whichever you grab you hve to wear the next day... mine i got was hideous! so mom and dad, i need the ugliest tie you can come up with! they also hve a tie signed by David Archuleta that he put in when he stayed here! he was on our floor and ever since its been passed around, if drawn we wear it once then give it to the zone leaders! i got pictures of all this im going to try and load but im not sure if i can figure it out.

as far as other stuff i need would only be maybe a couple sweaters i could wear over my white shirt! and we have a pool of snacks in our dorm so if your feeling generous.. wink wink. the watermelon sour patch or strawberry are a group favorite! haha i would also like as many pictures as you can send.. it would be a much needed reminder and motivation here.

i love you guys so much and am so thankful for the examples i have had in my life! its hard not having family here to keep your head up but im putting my faith in the lord and i know im where im supposed to be! the lord has a plan for me! the days seem long but ive already been here a week! counting down until i can get to argentina and serve the people of Mendoza! my heart already loves them and only time is keeping me from going. keeping my head up and am on my knees a lot! prayer has been my much needed go to! and i can feel myself growing closer to the lord!

D&C 31:6-13 (i think those are the right ones)


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