June 26, 2017


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Hermana Compas

Busy Bees

This week went by in blur! Because our area it so far out, we had to travel so much this week! We wake up super early on Tuesdays to go to Durazno for district meetings. But this week we also had intercambios in Durazno and a conference for all the Oros (that's me!) in Montevideo. As a result, we only slept in our beds twice! We were hardly had any time in our area, and we missed it!

We are also teaching the cutest family! They have six kids and their little girls are going to be baptized this week. And we are are so excited! The father and oldest son are already members and the mom. Ana, has a date set in August. The problem is that the father is waiting for his divorce to go through so that he can be married to Ana. Ana had been waiting to be baptized for years because the divorce process is long and super expensive. They all wanted to be baptized together, but she prayed about it and she knows that her girls need to be baptized right away to bring the spirit stronger into their home. Satan is working really hard on this family and is putting many obstacles in their path. We pray for them every day. We love this family so much!

Love you all!


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