May 9, 2017


Colombia MTC


Hermana Southern

Hi Family!

Hi family! this week has been very busy. We have two more here so things are getting down to the wire. Studying 24/7 and being away from home was starting to get to me. We had a lessons on Sunday that really put thing into perspective. We talked a lot about developing Christlike attributes and I just decided that I´m going to be more diligent, buckle down and work my tail off! Since then, I´ve started to really enjoy my experience even all the memorization and being out of my comfort zone. One thing about a mission is that you have to learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable! My companions and I are getting better at teaching lessons too which is so encouraging. We have investigators, which are actually our teachers, and we have to plan lessons for them like real investigators. They are really great actors! At the beginning we would literally plan out everything we were going to say because we were so uncomfortable with speaking spanish, Now we plan lessons but the Spirit is our best companion. Im learning to trust in the Spirit to guide me what to say.

There are dogs everywhere here in Colombia. And not mutts either, beautiful pure breeds. We met a golden retriever named Ramón and he was the cutest puppy and now I really want a dog!

One time the Latino Elders here wanted to know how to call a girl beautiful in English and our elders were sick of hearing them talk about the Norte missionaries so they told them the word for beautiful is suitcase! I'm pretty sure they believed then too!

I am so grateful to be here on a mission. I have learned so much and my testimony has grown too. I know missions are not easy but like Elder Holland said ¨missionary work is hard because salvation is not a cheap´s not easy for you because It wasn´t easy for Christ.¨ Christ gave everything for me, so it´s okay that it costs me a little. I know this Church is true. A life focused on Christ will only lead to wonderful things. I´m so grateful Heavenly Father sent me to this family

Love you all! Hugs and Kisses!

Con amor,
Hermana Davis


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