April 25, 2017


Colombia MTC


Hermana Southern

Esta Bien, My Dudes!

Dearest Familia,

I'm so proud of Austin! He is going to be a pro by the time I get back! I know he will do wonderful on his solo! I love your bird pictures!! I cant wait to see them in person! Hows Brookes room transformation coming along? I want more pictures - of everything!!

This week has gone by muy rapido! Earlier I would have prayed for the wee to race by, but now the thought kind of scares me! I"m just getting comfortable and I still have so much to learn. I still don't know much spanish, but I have made progress and I guess that's all I can ask for! This week I memorized the baptismal invitation, Enos 1. 12, the baptismal invitation and Moroni 10.5. Soo much memorization!

Can you believe they let us out of the CCM for an entire day?! All week they talked about a secret proselyting activity. They bused us to the local ward and paired us up with missionaries in the area. They took us to their lessons and taught us how to street contact. I wish I could have spoke more spanish and understood the people better. But I learned one important thing- the spirit speaks more clearly to people than I ever could, even with perfect spanish. Our trainer was so nice and encouraging even when my spanish was horrible! I knew I would stick out here in South America, but I didn't realize people would stare so much! Not only am I a missionary, but also very American!

We went to the temple today and I attached some pictures!
Anyways, you asked about the food last time and I didn't have a chance to reply. I is actually pretty good, but so much rice. Rice and meat is literally a staple for every meal! Sometimes they try yo do American classics, but they always have weird twists. One time we were so excited for cake and when we took a bite it was flavored black licorice! I ate it anyways, it was pretty good!

There is an Elder here who reminds us of Napoleon Dynamite. He says the weirdest things that we laugh about for days. He says things like Esta bien, my dudes! Its practically our new motto!

If there's one thing I'm missing, besides my family and cats, it old fashion chocolate donuts!! Man oh man does a donut sound soo good! Love you all so much! Have a wonderful week!

Con amor,
Hermana Davis


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