April 18, 2017


Colombia MTC



¡Hola mi familia!
This week has been quite the adventure! One week into the Mtc has felt like five, but it has been a lot of fun! the are only 25 American missionaries (They call us the Nortes) and about 60 or 70 Latinos. There are only about 7 of us American Hermanas. Im in a tri companionship with two wonderful sisters, Hermana Hatch and Southern. We are all going to Uruguay together! Here I am called Hermana Davis (pronounced Dabes!). It is such a relief ro be to have two companions who want to work and learn as much as I do.

The CCM is non stop. When we are not learning we are sleeping and when we are not sleeping we are eating. It is busy, but fulfilling. The beginning of the week was a struggle, but learning a language isnt supposed to be easy.. It has be hard to let go and let myself make mistakes, and Im still working on it. Earlier this week wee had a workshop on the gift of tongues and it really cjange my perspective. Ive learned that if I want to learn spanish, I just have to stop doubting my abilities, Because in reality,id i doubt my abilities to communate inspanish, I am douting the Lords ability to grant me the gift of tongues. I have to practice all I can and leave the reast up to the Lord. The real teacher is the Spirit anyways, and I am the imperfect messenger. My Spanish really has improved in just a matter of days and I know it is becaue of the Lord.

Gym time is the relief of our day. It is so beautiful Here in Bogata! It rains most afternoons. The CCM has lots of door and windows that we leave open to let in the breeze so it doesnt feel like a prison! Afters hours of work we let loose outside. My companions and I joke about bout starting a six week CCM six pack program. But if anything, we will get a six pack from laughing so much.

In Colombia traffic laws are just suggestions. We went to the temple today, which is about a 40 minute drive. All the while us Nortes we on the edge of ourseats hoping out driver wouldnt run someone over! Even in the city there are trees, parks and grass everywhere! Everyone here seems to walk or ride bikes and motorcycles, yet the traffic is crazy! The temple was truely beautiful and it felt even more special to go as a missionary. The were many Latinos who were going through for the first time. It made me think of my first time going through the temple. I am so glad I could go through with my family! I love you guys so much and I am so grateful to have a wonderful family that raised me in the gospel and prepared me to go on a mission. I love and miss you guys so much! Thank you for the Easter card, it made me so happy!

There is so much more I want to say, but I just dont have time. Just know that I am doing good and that I am in the right place. Tell me what you have been up to!

Con amor,
Hermana Davis

P.S Is Lenny still alive haha


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